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Nicole A.
Review for Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture Dream Come True Wonderful Deep Conditioning Masque - 1 week, 5 days ago
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Beauty Junkie Expert Level 5
Madam cj walker has quickly become my most favorite brand of haircare products!!! Everything I've used from this company has been a hit!!
I have several autoimmune diseases and some of the side effects have caused my scalp to become a wreck😢😢 My scalp feels like it's on fire most of the time NOT to mention the severe dry patches and horrible itch that comes along with it!!
What I've found is that the less chemical i put in my hair the better my scalp feels overall!!!! Nothing fixes it 100% but Madam cj walker products make a huge difference!!!
This brand is 100% organic which I love as well as cruelty free🤗
How I use this Deep conditioning mask is as follows: The directions suggest using it on wet just shampooed hair leaving it on for 15 minutes!!
However once a week I apply it to my hair when it's dry, I start by massaging it into my scalp then continue all the way down to my ends. For reference I have long thick hair past my bottom!
After massaging it completely through my hair I put it up in a light loose bun and use it more as a sleeping mask for my hair!!
When I wake up my hair feels super silky and my scalp is soothed!! I take a shower wet my hair massage and rinse!! I do not wash after!!!
The result is AMAZING and it smells wonderful as all Madam cj walker products do!!
The container is 6 ozs and a little goes a long way, for my length I dip my fingers in the container a total of 2 times per use!!
This along with a few other products have helped me maintain healthy hair despite my disease!!!
I definitely recommend this brand as always some companies claim to have amazing results ONLY to do nothing!!! Madam cj walker however is the real deal!! I stand by this line 100%🙆🙆🙆
Dark Brown
Dry, Wavy, Coarse, Color Treated
Anti-Aging, Dandruff, Damage, Frizz, Dry Scalp
Review for Winky Lux Kitten Palette - 2 weeks, 1 day ago
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Beauty Junkie Expert Level 5
Review for: Winky Lux Kitten Palette - No Color
I received this palette in my November Boxycharm although I probably would never by this palette on my own I found it to be quite nice!!
This palette comes with 4 matte shades and 5 shimmery/Holographic shades!!!
The matte shades are nothing to write home about!! Cheshire the matte burgandy is a bit patchy but eventually blends out okay after a few good strokes in the crease!! The other 3 mattes are just your average boring Matte colors but are good if you don't have alot of transition shades in your personal stash!!
The color that really suprises me the most in this palette is the blue icy shimmer shade called 9 Lives! Normally I do not like nor rarely ever use a blue toned shadow, blues in general I just don't like however this blue slays!!!😍 I use chickuodo brushes and they tend to make my shadow application so much easier, my brush picked this up and applied it to my lid beautifully with no fallout or patchy spots!!! Another stand out shade is called Holographic it has a light beautiful pink blue shift that looks AMAZING on the brow bone!!
Overall the quality of this palette is very good!! I know it retails for 25$ which I don't think is terrible!! This brand in my opinion performs way better then alot of brands like say colourpop etc!!
Overall other then struggling a bit with the Mattes I feel you can get alot of unique looks with this palette!!! As for the packaging it's adorable but kinda reminds me of [product:sugarpill-cosmetics-] packaging!!! I used the arrows to point to the 2 stand out shades I talked about above🤗🤗
Review for Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette Warm Brown - 2 weeks, 1 day ago
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Beauty Junkie Expert Level 5
This palette is just exquisite!!! I've become a large huda beauty fan since the moment I laid my chickuodo brushes in The Huda Beauty Textured Eyeshadows Palette Rose Gold Edition and I've been obsessed with the brand ever since!!
A few reasons why I love Huda so much is because she pushes the normal the safe and the standard!!! Everything she comes up with is exciting vibrant and unique!! I feel like a kid at Christmas Every time Huda releases a palette🤶🎅
When I saw these obsession palettes i couldn't wait for them to launch!!!
Now i know these appear tiny but Hudas large pan palettes contain 18 shadows and these little babies contain 9 shadows that at the same pan size as her bigger palettes!!! So 27$ is a steal for these!!
The warm brown obsession palette is not your "normal safe" or "boring" brown shadow palette that most brands would put out!!
This baby is fire🙆🙆 Stunning fall toned colors it's as if the fall leaves blew all together and formed a palette🍁🍂 Every single shade performs AMAZING they are buttery silky and super pigmented!! In this palette there are 9 creamy mattes from a deep Carmel to a light Siena, a hot chocolate brown brick red and burgandy browns!!
To top it all off there is one Metallic Gold that just melts everything together!!! Carmel latte with glitter sprinkles is another way to describe this beauty☕☕
You can create endless looks with this one tiny palette, all the shadows and colors blend together like a dream!! You have crease shades lid shades and even a cream shade for the brow bone!!!!
If browns were put together like this I never would of steered away from them years ago!!
Huda created yet another unbelievable palette yet again!! Her take on Brown's have completely brought the color back to life for me!!! Loves I'm telling you do not pass this one up it's worth GOLD!!
Review for MAC Girls Mischief Mix Palette - Mischief Minx - 3 weeks, 3 days ago
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Beauty Junkie Expert Level 5
I was super excited when I saw a sneak peek of the Mac cosmetics "Girls" palettes the beginning of this year!! I waited months and months for these to come out!! Mischief Minx was the one of 6 I was most interested in so the day these palettes launched I bought it asap!!
I must say the packaging is adorable this one is a cheetah print!! Each palette is packaged unique according to there color story love the idea!!
I was also sparked by the fact that Mac added and updated there eyeshadow formulas as well!
When the palette arrived I couldn't wait to use it, the setup inside is as unique as the package itself and a bonus a large sized color themed highlighter is also included as well!!
Now for the shadows themselves 😕😕
I was honestly so disappointed by the performance of these😢 The shades JUST don't wow me or perform as well as I had expected!!
The way they look in the pan would give most people high hopes🙌🙌 especially the 1st 4 shimmery metallic shades but when used on the eye wet or dry even with my AMAZING chickuodo brushes they are all just blah!! I expected way more pigment especially from Mac, when using these shades together ( the 1st 4 ) not the mattes they just kinda all blend like you are using just one maybe 2 colors max!!! I feel they are just way to similar to each other with the exception of the gold foiled color!!! That shade was a big miss as well, in the pan it's a shade that looks like it would give off major pop however that shade even wet just applies like a soft wash😕 The mattes well there is HONESTLY nothing special at all about them!! You also have to use another palette in conjunction with this one because none of these are transitional!!!
The one item in this palette that I do really like is the highlighter I feel that was the only Star of this palette!! It is smooth with no chunky glitter pieces and leaves you with a beautiful peachy gold duo chrome glow that can either be subtle or intense if built up!!!🦋🦋
Overall Mac missed the mark with the shadows, this year Mac has been slacking in 2017 I've been very underwhelmed with them this year!!
Then again every major brand has a flop or a not so good year!!!
I'm still Mac obsessed don't get me wrong!! I'm just glad I didn't buy any of the other 5 palettes in this lineup!!!
On a side note look how beautiful they look in the pan!!! It gave me such high hopes*😢😕
Review for Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette Mauve - 3 weeks, 3 days ago
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Beauty Junkie Expert Level 5
Omg I'm screaming 😲😲 Due to my obsession for this palette!!! 1st off let me start by saying Huda has completely blown me away this year with every single product she put out!!! This is my FAVORITE brand of 2017!!!
Don't let the size of this palette fool you it is smaller then Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette and Huda Beauty Textured Eyeshadows Palette Rose Gold Edition but those palettes contain 18 shadows, these however contain 9 which are exactly the same size of the shadow pans in the bigger palettes!! I wanted to stress that also none of the shades in the Mauve Obsessions palette are repeated from the other Huda palettes, so each shade is brand new!!! Now
On to these stunning colors😍😍 I'm in love 100% There is not a single shade in this palette I will not use!!! All these colors take my breath away😢😢
Mauves and especially Reds I can't seem to get enough of!! In this palette there is one shade in particular that I feel is the most unique shade of red I've ever used, It reminds me of deep red cherries plus it's matte and applies like butter, it makes for a perfect lid color that is so unique and stand out!!
Another shade that has my heart is a mauve red based matte that makes my eyes pop like crazy!!
The shimmers are GEORGIOUS as well with intense color payoff!!
For the shimmers I find them easy to apply with my finger in a patting motion or with MAKE UP FOR EVER 224 Silicone Applicator which applies shimmers even better then your fingers!!!
Overall I can't stress enough my love for this palette!!
It also goes beautifully with all of hudas other palettes!!
In my opinion there is nothing but amazing quality product in this palette not ONE problematic shade, the performance is just superb!!
Huda created a unbelievable palette yet again her colors and textures are so unique!! I hope Huda continues to blow the beauty industry away in 2018!!!👏👏👏
* For reference the 2 shades i talked about above are 2nd row last shade and 3rd row last shade* The only thing is these shades do not have names!!
Also if you own more then one of hudas obsession palettes they are magnetic and stack PERFECTLY on top of each other🙌🙌
Review for Clorox Disinfecting Wipes - 3 weeks, 3 days ago
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Mega Parent Expert Level 4
Of all the household cleaning products ever invented Clorox disinfecting wipes are everything!!!
I've been using these for as long as I can remember, and they have never let me down!! They get the job done safe and effective! When my kids were babies tho it's been years I used These for highchair trays and changing tables even on toys!! Spills are a breeze with these as well! I use these in every room of the house!! Kitchen counters to toilet seats even door knobs!
Clorox is a brand you can trust with the safety of your loved ones!! Nothing on the market compares to these wipes!!
They are just the right amount of wetness and do not dry out like other brands do! They come in a variety of scents and overall just make everything look smell and feel clean🙌🙌🙌
Also a few other uses I find very helpful is that they clean tennis shoes perfectly as well as dress shoes!! I use them in the car for my dash boards consoles and door panels as well!!
Clorox wipes are a life saver I don't know what I would do without them!! Truly an AMAZING choice for safe cleaning!!!!
Review for Carol's Daughter Lavender Vanilla Dry Oil Mist - 3 weeks, 4 days ago
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Beauty Junkie Expert Level 5
Carols daughter is an AMAZING hair care brand!! It's organic and natural which is what I look for in hair care 100%!! I've noticed over the years the less chemical i put in my hair the better and healthier it stays!!!
I fell in love with this hair oil a few years ago when Carols daughter still sold there line on Sephora.com!!
This oil smells AMAZING 😍😍 when I use it I apply a small quarter sized amount and focus mainly on the ends of my hair, I have for reference very dry coarse long hair ( past my bottom)!!!
I use it right after washing and even in between washes to freshen up my hair. I do not apply this oil directly on the roots of my hair, only because I use other products for my damaged scalp.
This oil leaves a natural soft sheen to my locks without being to greasy like some other brands!!
It's perfect for holding waves from an undone braid as well!! It keeps frizz in check and also makes brushing wet hair a lot easier!!
Carols daughter is an AMAZING choice when looking for natural chemical free hair care!!
I'm kinda bummed that it's no longer sold on Sephora.com anymore because I love my points 🙌🙌
You can get it now at Target which I feel offers the biggest selection of the line as far as retailers go, I've also seen it at Walgreens as well!!!
I actually perfer the liquid oil as opposed to the dry oil but it's whatever suites your personal needs!!
Large Pores, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Redness, Sensitivity, Uneven Skin Tone
Review for Huda Beauty Lip Strobe - 1 month ago
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Beauty Junkie Expert Level 5
HUDA is a genius!! These lip strobes in my opinion have blown the lip gloss game to a whole nother level!!! These lip strobes are AMAZING I own quite a few colors they are all unique some range from more opaque to sheer so there is something for every lip lover with these!! There are 11 permanent shades at the moment and a set out of 4 limited edition Minis for the holidays!!
I love these for many reasons: 1st off these are not sticky the problem I have with a lot of lip glosses is that they are a mess😣 They get everywhere but stay on your lips!! These however stay directly on the lips and last quite long even when worn alone!!!
The way they make liquid lipstick transform is the real kicker!! For example I have Huda liquid lipstick in trophy wife and the lip strobe shade in shameless, this combo gives me the most beautiful combination of a hybrid hologram deep pink rose!! My lips glisten like nothing I've ever seen!! It reminds me of the shades in the rose gold addition palette to be more exact very similar to the shade Fling for those of you that have the palette only on the lips instead JUST GEORGIOUS!!
Another shade of lip strobe I love is called Boujee now this shade is opaque enough to wear on its own it's like a coral rose gold that makes the lips just stunning!! What I like most about these is that they are moisturizing as well and I can really tell the difference when worn over my liquid lipsticks!!
Overall these are just perfect!!
I feel like everything Huda comes up with is a home run in the beauty industry!! Well thought unique products!! I recommend these beauties 100%😍😍😍
Dark Brown
Review for SEPHORA COLLECTION Cake and Bake Liquid and Powder Makeup Sponge - 1 month ago
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Beauty Junkie Expert Level 5
I'm always looking to try something new!! I've been eyeing this on Sephora.com for quite some time now, and finally decided to give the cake and bake sponge a try!!
I ended up buying 2 during the 1st day of the rouge sale, they run 13$ a piece but are reusable!!
Due to my oily skin I have to bake in certain areas after I apply my foundation and concealer!!
I personally use RCMA no color powder for years now for setting!!
This sponge is 100% worth the hype The shape alone is perfect for under the eyes above the brows and around the nose area!!
I have a little pan I sprinkle my loose powder in and I dip my cake and bake right in, I apply in a patting motion evenly and what I've noticed the most since using this sponge is that my loose powder sits like silk on my face without separating any of my makeup or emphasizing my pores!!!
It truly gives the look of airbrushed skin😍😍!!
I also use the other side of this baby to blend my contour, I spray the sponge with a good spray of Macs fix + and with the angle shape of this sponge I get perfect natural blending!!!
Overall the cake and bake is one of the best products I've tried this year!! I'm glad I bought a backup because on Sephora.com it says that it's limited edition 😣😣 So I might grab one more before they are gone for good!! I definitely recommend giving this baby a try!!!
Review for Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25-BLACK TEA-7 ml - 1 month ago
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Beauty Junkie Expert Level 5
As women we are always on the hunt for softer more supple smoother lips!! All this beautiful makeup out there especially the lovely world of liquid lipsticks, can do a number on our lips😣😣!!
I started using this Lip balm about 2 years ago when my favorite beauty blogger Christine from Temptila was always raving about it!!!
Jack Black is a man's brand but don't let that fool you because there is nothing like this Lip balm out there!!! My favorite is the lavender one but there are about 4 choices and now even a stick version!!!
The version I love to use is like a carmex like squeeze tube so more of an ointment form, but a light weight texture.
When I don't work I made my skin and lips a promise 🤗 bare and only lip balm on my down time!!
This stuff works wonders for over worked dry and cracked lips!! I apply before bed and when I wake up and my lips are so soft, because it's a light weight ointment it never leaves my lips sticky or heavy and it smells amazing with no nasty taste!!
These tubes run 12$ a piece so I stock up on them when Sephora has a 20% sale!! Sometimes during the holidays Jack black comes out with a kit of all the choices in mini size which I like also!!
For those of you that struggle with rough lips like me definitely give this a try it's worth the price 100%!!!
Dark Brown
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