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Jessica E.
I am one of those people to like to try different meals and places to eat when I travel, which I used to do a lot. I did and do not often eat spicy foods because it causes me discomfort. I finally got fed up with indigestion and heartburn from eating and gave Zantac a go. They have a variety of strengths, so I was confused on which to start with, but I thought the lesser strength would probably work well, and turns out – this was perfect! This is really quick to kick in, which is great if you are on the go, are having an unexpected meal or food that might bother you. Depending on whether or not you have eaten or drank prior in the day, the amount of time can vary – anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, just like advertised! Not only has this helped me to eat some foods I had written off before, but it also helps me sleep if I happen to have trouble due to acid reflux, which I sometimes get from other medication I take before bed.
Review for Batiste Dry Shampoo - 3 weeks ago
( Heavenly Volume version)
For a little background on my hair: it is thin, straight, flat, and never holds a style. Due to this, normally I wear it up or stick to wearing it down all boring like. I am always quite skeptical of volumizing hair products simply because they hardly ever work for me.
The product is packaged in a bright and colourful metal aerosol can. The nozzle is textured on top for a nice grip when spraying and I found (so far) that it has not allowed product to excessively build up and clog from use. This is a scented product, so be aware of that if you normally avoid those. It has a light sweet and powder smell to it, which does linger on your hair.
A concern when using dry shampoos is always the whitecast the product leaves when spraying it on your hair. The Heavenly Volume Dry Shampoo is no exception to this concern. If you have blonde hair, you might not have an issue, but if you’re a brunette, like myself, or any other hair colour, you’re going to notice this. With that being said, you can still work with it and be fine. In fact, I found the only real problem with this (for me), was the amount of static my hair had when using this.
When this first arrived, I was on day 3 hair (2nd day without washing). There was a white cast, which went away after allowing the product to absorb and working it into the roots. It worked well to add a bit of volume and I loved the amount of oil it absorbed. I didn’t mess too much with styling or teasing to just see the effect of using it. There was volume that stuck around through the day, even without teasing. Overall, it ticked the boxes of volume and oil absorbing; My hair smelled great too!
I normally can go about 2 days after washing and using product before my hair starts to become oily. This time I waited those two days and then used the Batiste Dry Shampoo again. So here we were on day 3 again and I wanted to try keeping my hair down. I could do so but it took quite a while to get my hair manageable. After rubbing the product into my hair after allowing it to absorb oil, I was left with slightly tangled and textured hair, but not in a cute I can leave it this way and be fine kind of way. I had to brush the ends and there was SO MUCH STATIC to my hair! I tried combing the opposite sides ends and same thing. I was forced to use anti-frizz product, which took a lot of the volume back out of my hair, but at least I didn’t look like Cousin It had touched a light socket.
I am torn about this product, but I think I will continue to work with it because I love the volumizing results and have the time to correct the downfalls. I can see myself using this for creating more updos, but when not styling and staying home, I think it will be of benefit as well. I would still recommend it, as my experience might be different to yours, as far as the static goes, which was the only real negative for me. Below is my quick breakdown, as well as some tips.
Pros:Lovely light and fresh smellVolume promise fulfilled
Cons:White cast (workable if you use properly)Static (perhaps only for certain hair types?)Scented (downfall for some who don’t like fragranced products)
Tips to remember:Spray a few inches away from your headSpray in short burstsLet the product sit on your hair for 1-2 minutesMassage into scalp – bonus volume if you flip your head over while doing soAvoid brushing/combing if possible to retain more volume
I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest review.
Review for Brisk® Lemon Iced Tea - 1 month ago
You'd have to be a major sweet tooth to finish an entire one of these drinks and enjoy it. If you dumped a bunch of sugar into water, To put it in perspective for you, ONE can of this has 20 grams of sugar! That's crazy! - it's the equivalent of having 5 teaspoons of sugar. You would expect an iced tea to have just a few ingredients including tea and water right? This has something like 12 and tea isn't even a top ingredient - it's fourth, after water, high fructose corn syrup (hello Diabetes), and Citric Acid. This also has caramel and red colouring. I don't like to rag on anyone for their food or drink choices, so I won't - I'll just caution those who drink or who are looking into this drink to look at these contents and leave it at that.
This is basically the same terrible drink as the regular except is has no calories due to the lack of corn syrup, although it is replaced by Aspartame - not much of a better ingredient. This of course gives it one of those strange acid and artificial tastes. If you're into highly processed drinks, you'll like this one! Good luck finding it though because it looks like it wasn't selling well and they pulled it out of many retailers - I don't remember the last time I saw this while shopping. 
I love when companies have to single serve to go versions of their drinks, as they are easy carried in your purse or wherever you choose to carry it around. I'm a bit strange in that I don't always use an entire single use packet when I have a drink. I like flavour added in my drinks, but not too much. So with something like this, I split it between two or three uses and it still gave me enough flavour to be satisfied. I do feel like this has a bit of an odd artificial taste, which probably has to do with the fact it is sugar free and contains Aspartame.  
Review for 3M Command Strips - 1 month ago
Throughout the years, I have used these to hand a variety of things including: posters, brooms/sweepers, art, clothing, shower items etc. If you apply these correctly that can hold a reasonable amount of weight. If you have this placed in the same spot for a really long time and go to remove them, they do have the tendency to pull off paint and wallpaper. Also, these really are not going to work if you apply them on a textured surface - it must be clean and flat! If you're too lazy to drill proper hooks or cannot make holes in your walls, these are a great solution!
Review for Clorox Disinfecting Wipes - 1 month ago
I used to use these on literally everything - every room, every object, and to disinfect every mess within reason of course - bleach isn't good on everything). I don't buy the value packs anymore as you get more in single tubs and I've kind of phased out using these for homemade green cleaners. With the wipes, it's better if you wear gloves because the chemicals will dry out your skin and if you already have dry skin, your fingers will peel. Also it seems that they are not as saturated as they used to be, so sometimes cleaning will require multiple wipes. They're still great for quick cleanings and wipe downs though! Just make sure if you are using these on a surface where you prepare or eat food that you go over the area with a wet (water) sponge or cloth so the chemicals don't transfer to your food. 
Review for IKEA - 1 month ago
IKEA is great if you're looking for cheap products that you plan on eventually replacing. I say this because everything I've purchased has been less than normal quality (furniture, kitchen and bathroom goods). Everything needs to basically be assembled at home, which I can live with, although the connections are sometimes missing and holes are either too big or two small, so you end up with a poorly constructed piece of furniture. I would recommend never getting something delivered, as they are either hours late, rude, or unprepared. Want a return or have to call customer service for any other reason? Don't.  Save yourself the time (hours) and frustration and just forget about it all together because they 
Review for Breyers Fat Free Creamy Vanilla 48 oz - 1 month ago
The texture of this ice cream is pretty terrible. I do
not have high freezer settings, yet this was hard and clumpy when trying to
scoop it, not smooth and dreamy (extra creamy) like this says. It also had a tendency
to form ice crystals on top every time; not huge chunks, just a light sheet of
them. Not only was the texture bad, but any kind of vanilla taste was pretty
much non-existent. I appreciate that this doesn’t have an artificial taste,
like some of their other flavours, but I was expecting something – anything. The
amount of sugar (13g) in this is quite low compared to other ice cream, which is
great, but it probably the reason for the lack of taste.

Now if you’re one of those people who like to like to
eat hard ice cream, you might be OK with this, but I would still recommend
going with another brand for low fat or fat free options.

The ingredients are hardly anything to boast about: Skim Milk, Corn Syrup, Sugar, Whey, Mono
and Diglycerides, Carob Bean Gum, Guar Gum, Natural Flavors, Vitamin A
Palmitate, Annatto (for Color)
Review for Breyers Blasts! Ice Cream M&M's - 1 month, 1 week ago
I was quite disappointed
in the quality and lack of flavour of this ice cream. It’s more of a gimmick
than an actual treat. They’ve boasted a “light” chocolate ice cream with
M&M minis. I guess because of the formula of the light chocolate, it gives
the ice cream a less than creamy texture, which gives it a bit of a dry consistency
– it breaks into pieces rather than scooping smoothly. There are plenty of
candies throughout the ice cream, so no complaints with those – they taste the
same as regular versions, which was a plus.

I find it funny that
they call this a light ice cream but on the back of the label, it states in all
caps, “THIS PRODUCT IS NOT A LIGHT FOOD.” I realize that ice cream is not the
healthiest of things to eat, but it seemed like they were trying to market this
as a healthier version than their previous chocolate. It claims this contains
about 70 calories less than a full fat (rather than light) ice cream, but it
also contains artificial colours: yellow 5, red 40, blue 1, yellow 6, blue 2,
and less than 2% natural flavour. It also contains Carrageenan, if you are
watching out for that. This is a nutritional nightmare and I won’t be finishing
or buying this in the future.
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