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Marvin G.
Review for Coors Banquet - 2 years, 7 months ago
Good Ol' Banquet beer. This beer was considered classy at one point before the whole lite craze. Nowadays it is outclassed on nearly every level by the smaller craft breweries out there. I would drink this over a bud, MGD or any other domestic full flavored beer though. Around here it stays a few cents cheaper than coors light and other big name brews so for a road dog it fits the bill. Would I recommend it? well, no not really. Would I drink it again? Yeah.
Review for Shiner Light Blonde Box O' Shiners Beer 12 Pk Cans - 2 years, 7 months ago
This is my all time favorite light/extra light beer. I am from Texas and have been drinking Shiner beers my whole life (post drinking age). I used to get shiner blonde as a lighter alternative to bock before this was available but now I would choose the light blonde. This beer is perfect on a hot day with yard work, golf, grilling, fishing etc. It's for when you don't want to be weighted by your beverage but also do not want to compromise taste. The only other beer I would say resembles it is Michelob Ultra. The light blonde just has a more noticeable flavor and feels more refined, more cared for than the ultra. Also at 99 calories per serving it is hard to beat. I just wish shiner would come back down on their price point a little.
Review for Bud Light Lime Raz-Ber-Rita - 2 years, 7 months ago
I really do not like this beverage. I have tried several flavo-ritas from bud light and this one, not surprisingly measures up like the rest. It is a sugary mess. It is mildly carbonated with lots of tiny bubbles, like a red bull if that helps. It stings the nostrils. The razz flavor reminds me of the generic wild berry candy flavor cut with Robitussin DM for kids grape flavor generic malt liquor, and salt. It is sickeningly sweet and the deep color it pours seems to glow, almost radiate purple. I would like to know how much sugar is in this and what was used to get such an intense color. Out of all the types I have tried this is the worst. Actually the lime and mango are the only ones I could even tolerate. I saw there is an apple rita coming out too; what is going on here? Please don't be fooled by thinking these beverages resemble a bud light lime beer at all; or any beer. Seriously, get a blender, whip up some good margaritas, put some fruit puree in there if that's your thing, then shove a coronita or dos xx in that thing and enjoy. Don't bother with this mess here. 2 stars because at 8% ABV it does not take much.
Review for Bud Light Beer - 2 years, 7 months ago
I would have given 3 stars, just like I did for the baby cans, but I feel the baby bottles are being sheisty. They are priced exactly like the 8oz baby cans, however these bottles are only 7ozs. Do the math. On a twelve pack that is a standard 12oz beer that is unaccounted for. Why should the consumer eat(drink) the cost just because AB could not standardize the portion for baby beers? All in all, if you are the market that these lil babies are aimed at then perhaps the amount of actual beer that one purchases is not as important as a desired image. I ,for one, count my ozs and want them all if I pay for them.
Review for Bud Light Beer - 2 years, 7 months ago
Review for: Bud Light 8 Oz Slim Can Beer 24 Pk Cans
These are the Bud Light baby beers. It is the same ol Bud Light that you either love or hate or begrudgingly drink because it is what everyone else is drinking. This lil 8oz offering is great for lightweights, women, toddlers(JK), people with small hands or bladders, those that prefer their can of beer not getting warm in duration of drinking, can crushing enthusiast, top popping enthusiast, little people, and those that want to appear much larger in perspective. Just be careful when purchasing and do not be led to believe you are getting a great deal on 12oz cans.
Review for Miller Genuine Draft Beer - 2 years, 7 months ago
Review for: Super Cans
It is an OK beer. You don't see or hear much from it anymore though. Many retailers do not even carry it any longer. I think it has trouble falling comfortably into a price segment. It is not quite a premium except to those who swear by it. (which are not that many.) Yet it is a little better than an economy or popular priced beer, but not worth the extra cents when you can get Miller High Life at a lower price point IMO. The beer itself is clean tasting and refreshing, run of the mill Americanized lager with a slight skunk finish which may be due to the clear bottle. It is not bad though and if you find some and it is on sale it might be worth a purchase. I have heard Miller is planning on relaunching this beer but they are keeping specifics on this topic locked up tight, so we will wait and see. On a side note: Other than keg parties in HS/College, I have never seen this Genuine Draft Beer available on tap/draft in any bar or establishment.
Review for Driscoll's Medium Scarlet Raspberries 6-oz. - 2 years, 7 months ago
When I purchase Driscoll's berries I can count on them being a quality product and generally at the peak of freshness. They are reasonably priced and their organic offerings are too. My one gripe is that they consistently err on the side of tart and I prefer a sweeter berry. This is just personal preference though. They are a good product.
Review for Heinz Distilled White Vinegar - 2 years, 7 months ago
Review for: Jug
I think this vinegar is pretty good. Smells like vinegar, taste like vinegar, can be used for cooking, cleaning, a whole host of options in regards to where it is applicable. I would give it 5 stars because I think it is a wonderful product with many uses. Unfortunately, Heinz charges almost twice what an in store brand does and I can find no discernible difference. I would rather buy two of the store brand or just save some bucks instead of paying for the Heinz name on the bottle. Just my opinion.
Review for Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar - 2 years, 7 months ago
I have been on the ACV band wagon for several years now and I have nothing but good remarks for it. Well, except its taste, or more appropriately, its mouth experience can be overwhelming. Once you are past that the possibilities that you can use this product for are possibly endless. Braggs is the most trusted and respectable brand available to me and I accept no substitute. Externally I use it for hair conditioner mixed 50% with water. I also take it internally in a few different forms. I credit my lack of colds and disease to this product. While it does make an excellent household cleaning mixture, it may be a tad pricey to use in that arena. Where a cheaper brand of white or AC vinegar would still do the trick. For use on your body and health it must "Have the mother" and the organic apples used are just an extra sweet bonus. If I could recommend just one alternative medicinal product for some one to honestly try, Bragg's ACV is that one.( They also make several other unique healthy and organic products that are noteworthy.) Cheers!
Review for Yamamotoyama YMY Decaf Green Tea 20 Tea Bags - 2 years, 7 months ago
I feel this is one of the most underrated and unknown Mexican beers available here in the U.S. I give it 4 stars on its own, 5 stars with fresh lime. This and Carta Blanca are my two favorite beers from south of the border. When I visit central America the bartenders always seem pleased that I prefer this beer, as opposed to the more widely known brands. They have told me that this is more popular in their communities than other big name Mexican beers. It has a slight skunky aroma, but its not over manageable. A very crisp finishing full flavored beer. Salud!
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