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Lucy G.
Review for Sour Punch® Bites® Ragin’ Reds 5oz Hanging Bag - 1 week, 4 days ago
Review for: Sour Punch® Bites® Ragin’ Reds 5oz Hanging Bag
I received  Sour Punch® Bites® Ragin’ Reds 5oz Hanging Bag for #free from Influenster in the #BreezyVoxBox #contest. I found that this product was a super delicious pair with popcorn while at the movies. However, if you are on a sugar free diet, this product isn't for you. Each bite is drenched in sugar. I rated this product 4/5 because although they were delicious, it was hard to differentiate between the four fruit flavors - they all just tasted the same to me. Also, I really would have to be in the mood to eat these. They are packed with way too much sugar that it actually hurts my teeth a bit. They are definitely a fun candy, and I enjoyed the creativity of the candy. They are straw like, and I can imagine kids making edible bracelets and necklaces with them. The picture below shows how I got creative with my Sour Punch Bites! #punchup 
Organic, Sugar Free
Review for Sour Punch® Straws Pineapple Mango Chili 2 oz Tray - 1 week, 6 days ago
Review for: Sour Punch® Straws Pineapple Mango Chili 2 oz Tray
When I received my
BreezyVoxBox I was most excited for this product! The straws taste like my
nostalgic Mexican chili candies. I really appreciate the mixture of heat,
sweet, and sour. I love the versatility of the product where you can eat it
straight out of the package or use it as a fully functional straw in a

I got creative and made a sugar-free (besides the
straw) Piña Colada. The mocktail with sugar free whip cream, fresh pineapple,
coconut flakes, skim milk, ice, and stevia. The straw gave it a nice pop of
something fun to enjoy in the sun! 

10/10 product! I didn't think
they were too spicy, this is coming from a Latina who does love a little heat
to her food. I loved how it started out sour and ended on a sweet note plus the
tropical taste. I can't wait to try another cocktail with another sour punch
straw. #Gotitfree #PunchUp #contest
Organic, Sugar Free
Review for Toms Shoes - 1 month ago
I have two pairs of Toms - a red pair and a designer special edition burlap pair. I've had each for over five years, and I've worn them thousands of time. Now they are beginning to fall apart and fade in color, but I got a really good use out of them. Toms are great travel shoe, but only for a short amount of time. I tried wearing a pair to Disney, and I had blisters all over my feet because the bottoms of Toms are not supportive. I have compared the bottom of Toms shoes for adults and children, and the bottom of the children's shoes are thicker and made of rubber while the adults' feels like thin cloth. Overall, I've been happy with my Toms. I wish I could have decorated them with paint like you see on Instagram. I really want to try the Toms heels. 
Review for Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts - 1 month ago
There is a constant battle between the faithful followers of Krispy Kreme and Dunkin' Donuts, but for me there is no comparison when it comes to the original glaze. Krispy Kreme is known for their original glazed doughnuts, and when that hot and ready red sign is lit up, you know you better be running to get a fresh, hot, melt in your mouth dozen of sweet doughnuts from Krispy Kreme. I love going into the store to buy the doughnuts fresh with a cup of coffee. You can even see how the store glazes their doughnuts in the store...it's beautiful! The doughnuts are best fresh, but are also good in store if made that day. I do not enjoy these doughnuts when they are old and cold, usually these are the doughnuts sent to grocery stores and gas stations. If you have smart kids who make A's on their report cards, for each A, the student will receive a free doughnut. You can also get a free doughnut on dress like a pirate day. Doughnuts are reasonably prices, and Krispy Kreme gives out frequent coupons. Krispy Kreme is a staple that you must try once in your life!
Organic, Sugar Free
Review for: Nubian Heritage Honey & Black Seed 24 Hour All Natural Deodorant
This is the first natural deodorant that actually smells good, doesn't sweat off, and doesn't break me out. The deodorant smells sweet like honey, it is creamy like gel, and stays on for 24 hours. I bought this all natural deodorant at Wegmans for $4. The only con is that if you leave this deodorant in your purse/backpack, and it's hot outside, the deodorant will melt. Overall, I am impressed and so happy that I found a natural deodorant that actually stays on!
Review for T-Mobile - 1 month ago
Review for: T-Mobile
T-mobile has great prices for the family, free international text and call, great Internet access, and I love the T-mobile Tuesday services. When I traveled abroad to Europe, my T-mobile service was amazing! T-mobile is used frequently in England, France, Ireland, and Germany, and I always had fantastic reception and great 4GLTE. However, I live in Tennessee, and in rural areas, my cell goes completely dead. This was awful when I was working in a rural community doing outreach because I had no reception or Internet within the whole town. In certain buildings with copper, my cellphone also doesn't work. Getting a cellphone straight from T-mobile is expensive now! You can't do small payments by the month, you have to pay $600 in one go! The best thing that keeps me staying with T-mobile besides the cheap family plan is the T-mobile Tuesday app. Every Tuesday, I receive free items and discounts. Some of the best perks I've received have been free gift cards to Dunkin Donuts, free gloves from T-mobile, free subs from Subway, and free Shell gas station cash. I look forward to every Tuesday to see what I am getting next!
Review for LUSH Cosmetics - 1 month ago
Review for: LUSH Cosmetics
I could LIVE in LUSH...I love everything about it! The sweet smells, the great quality products, and the amazing service. I first fell in love with LUSH while in Ireland. All the employees helped me try lotions, bath bombs, and face masks in store. I then described to one employee about my skin type, and how I rarely got acne, but when I did, it was very painful and noticeable. I was immediately "prescribed" Angels on Bare Skin, and it is my go to face cleanser - it's gentle, with sweet flowers and clay. I've since ordered a thousand jars of the Angels on Bare Skin as well as Charity Pot lotion and several of the face masks. I never buy anything from LUSH without getting a free sample. I am always happy with my purchases, and I love that LUSH tries to give back to the world through their natural, healthy products. LUSH can be expensive, but the price is worth it.
Review for Forever 21 - 1 month ago
When Forever 21 opened a store in the mall about seven years ago while I was in high school, my little teenage heart was so excited to try on clothes and jewelry made specifically for my age group. The store was organized by style - rock, girly, cosmopolitan, etc. and they had plus size section where I could get good quality, petite jeans at a great price! Fast forward to today, and the store is always a complete mess, the clothes look cheap and are bad quality, and the prices have skyrocketed. The jeans I used to love are so hard to find in store in petite, the material is so thin now I can't imagine it's real denim, and they easily rip around the thighs within months of buying the jeans.
I have a sister who is now in high school, and I do not allow her to wear most of the clothes at Forever 21 because the material is so thin and see-through or there is barely any material for her to wear. Also, some of their clothing is provocative or has culturally insensitive sayings. I went recently, and saw a graphic t-shirt that said "I Love Teepees". Another said "I am just a girl"...excuse me? What?
 I have found that Forever 21 is a hit or miss - I recently bought a nice, professional trench coat for $20 and fancy loafers for $11, but I also bought a whole pack of cute socks with puppies on them, and within one wear, the design has faded or the sock has a hole in it. Please Forever 21, invest in better quality materials that have class - women and men need to feel confident and comfortable in what they wear, and Forever 21 is not delivering this.
Review for Amazon Instant Video - 1 month ago
As a Prime Member, it's pretty awesome getting Amazon Instant Video as an extra perk where I can watch an unlimited amount of movies and TV shows that are considered Prime. A lot of people compare Amazon Instant Video to Netflix, and while they offer similar services. they have different networks, shows, and movies to watch. If you are a big fan of HBO, MTV, PBS/Masterpiece, Starz, Nickelodeon, or Showtime, you will like the wide selection that Amazon has. Amazon also has original shows like Transparent and The Man in the High Castle. I never have trouble streaming episodes. I always look forward to watching America's Next Top Model or Mr. Robot. I think one way that Amazon Instant Video is better than Netflix is that Amazon Instant Video is a free service added to just becoming a Prime Member on Amazon. So not only are you getting products with fast free shipping at a discounted rate, you get to watch thousands of awesome movies and shows unique to each family member - from Dora to Indiana Jones, Amazon has it.
Review for: Megalast Gummi Bear Dog Toy
This is my boston terrier's favorite toy! She carries her little blue gummy bear named "Blueberry" around, and she even sleeps with it. This is one of the few toys that my little ball of fury cannot tear apart. It also does not have an annoying squeaker, but gives little short squeaks when my dog really sinks her teeth into the toy. The toy does not have an awful plastic smell, but it almost smells like baby powder. It's easy to clean, and it is great quality! The price was around $3 for her medium size gummy bear. You can get this toy at any pet store like Petsmart, PetCo, or Mize. 
Dog, Other
Small, Medium, Large
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