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Marylou L.
Review for Dickinson’s Enhanced Witch Hazel Hydrating Toner - 9 months, 2 weeks ago
I received a full size product of this for free to review and I fell in love with it. Since I have had my daughter, I noticed that I have been experiencing more breakouts that was driving me crazy. I was using just about any product I could get my hands on without any luck. Then I tried this and was shocked how wonderful it worked for me. I use it twice a day and after a week, I had no more breakouts!

Then I noticed that on my daughter, she would get these wart looking things on her hand and nose. Her doctor talked about freezing them off so it wouldn't leave a scar but I was skeptical. I decided to use the witch hazel and noticed after about a week, it was working on her. After a month, both spots were gone and even her doctor was surprised that something like witch hazel actually took care of it and it has never came back.
Review for Mr. Sketch Scented Washable Markers - 1 year ago
My 4 year old daughter loves to color and has many different coloring books. Most of the time, she would use only crayons because I found her drawing on herself with a pen one day and that's when I limited her to crayons only.

Since I received a free sample of Mr. Sketch Scented Washable Markers, I decided that I would give her a chance to use markers again since they claim to be washable.

The first time opening the package, I was amazed by the smell of all kinds of different flavors. It was amazing how strong each markers scent was.

Now seeing that I know that my daughter will get the colors on her, I was just waiting for it so I could see if they were really washable.

It took about five minutes and I got my wish. I had some baby wipes next to me and I though there was no way that they would take the color off her arm but I was wrong!

I didn't have to scrub hard at all and the color came right off. Then I noticed that she got some pink on the couch and I knew that there was no way it would come off. Wrong again! On the couch, I had to scrub a little harder with the baby wipe but it worked.

Now on the package it states:

Washable & Care Instructions:

Mr. Sketch scented washable markers wash from skin and most washable children's clothing. Wash promptly for best results. Repeat washing may be required. Keep away from wallpaper, painted walls, finished and unfinished wood, vinyl, carpeting, and other materials that cannot be laundered.

I don't recommend testing these markers on your couch because not all couches are the same but it did come off my couch.

My daughter has fallen in love with these markers. She has a Shopkins coloring book and when she saw a strawberry she said, "Strawberries are red and the red marker smells like a strawberry!" even though the red marker is actually cherry. To me, the red smells like a strawberry slushy.

I love that these are washable and that they are teaching my daughter how to put color to smells. They are perfect for kids 4 years old and older because the cap could be harmful to kids younger than 4.

These markers would make the perfect gift if you have an artist in the making. Not only does it help with a child's imagination but it also helps them to recognize colors and smells.
This is such a cute little gift for kids. My daughter loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse and fell in love with this the moment she saw it. They are the perfect size for younger kids to play with. The one thing I didn't know that they did was their legs bend to sit except Pluto. My daughter was the one that figured that one out and I thought that the figure was broke.
Review for Nexium 24HR Capsules - 14 Count - 1 year ago
I was so excited to try these since I have heartburn problems and no other product seemed to work. The difference with Nexium 24HR tablets is that you take them for 14 days for 24 hour relief. These are easy to swallow tablets and when taken with a full glass of water, should be tasteless.

Within about 3 days, I could tell that it was working. I was able to drink orange juice and jalapenos on my nachos without the feel of heartburn. I am in love with this product. Since starting my 14 day Nexium regime, I have not had as many heartburn flare ups which is amazing. It has been about 3 weeks and I think that I had heartburn once after taking Nexium 24HR.

Keep in mind that Nexium 24HR takes up to 4 days to work, so make sure you give it a chance and finish the full 14-day course!
I have always been a loyal customer of Tampax but these new tampons really drove me crazy! First I love the idea that it is small and discrete so that I can carry plenty in my purse. Second the applicator is a nice dark blue color which is nice. I did not experience any leaks which is a major plus.

That is pretty much the only good I seen from these. I do not like the design of the applicator! Since it is smaller, it is harder to get a good grip on it. Then when you try to put it together, it takes some time for it to "click" and even when it does, it does not stay "clicked". I think I went through at least 4 before I felt comfortable. Then I did not like the feeling that I would have an accident. I was changing it much more and went through too many. They need to look at the design better and redo it.
This straightener does a fantastic job! It heats up very quickly and it is hot to the touch when I had it at 450 degrees since I have very thick hair. It takes some time to cool down when you are done using it so make sure that you put it up away from kids. I had to run it through each strand of hair twice for it to become straight but again I have extremely thick hair.
Dry, Wavy, Thick, Color Treated
Color Protection, Damage, Frizz, Dryness, Volume, Split Ends, Brittleness, Heat Protection
Review for Ray-Ban Sunglasses - 1 year ago
These sunglasses are very lightweight, great quality, and half the price of designer sunglasses. I have to fight my daughter with these because she loves sunglasses. They fit me perfectly but they are a little big for my 4 yr old daughter. It comes with a nice cloth pouch to keep them safe. The only downside I really see to them is that you can see your eyes. Otherwise these are a great pair of sunglasses for the price!
My daughter fell in love with these as soon as she saw them. She loved all the different colors and was excited to start using them. One thing I did not like was the soft lead because when she was using it on her workbook, it was hard to read what she wrote since the lead is so soft. The eraser works amazingly. I was amazed on how well the eraser held up since we were using it alot. My daughter was very amused by how bendy the pencils were, but I did not like this since it seemed like once she knew she could bend it, that's all she was concerned with.

Another note about the bend factor, I believe that it is a distraction for kids since they want to see how far they can bend it before it breaks.
I absolutely love the way my skin feels after using this! It makes my skin so soft and hydrated. I have not had a problem with dry skin since using this product. The smell is amazing! It is not overpowering but yet not subtle. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.
When I received a coupon to try Screamin' Sicilian pizza, I was very excited since I am a HUGE pizza lover. The one thing that caught my eye was that this pizza is made with REAL Wisconsin cheese which I love since I lived in Wisconsin and their cheese is out of this world!

Since my daughter loves pepperoni, we decided on trying the Holy Pepperoni. Just by looking at the package, you can see the pepperoni just covers the whole pizza in big slices. When we got it home and took it out of the box, I did say "Holy Pepperoni"!

When it came to the taste, I was in love. The crust is buttery and crisp, the cheese combination was perfect and the pepperoni was just perfect. It was not bland nor was the pepperoni overpowering like other pizzas.
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