Amanda H.
Review for Camelbak® Eddy® Water Bottles - 5 years, 1 month ago
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I have an insulated .7L one. I love love love it!
Camelbak claims that their bite valves encourage more water consumptions.
I second that! I find myself drinking more water than usual, since the bite valve slows down the water intake. My throat feels less overwhelmed than when I drink big gulps.
Camelbak was also so nice as to provide a cap replacement when I contacted them about it leaking.
Review for imPRESS Press-on Manicure - 5 years, 1 month ago
I was extremely excited that I received this part of my college voxbox. Seeing the cute little nail polish packaging, I had very high expectations! I thought they were special compared to regular glue on fake nails. They weren't that much better. I love the patterns that they offer. I got the black and white crackle looking one. But I wasn't too happy after trying them.
Very short: Before I put them on, I measured them against my natural nails. i keep my natural nails relatively short but the tips still popped out! I know I should cut my nails short, but I am not about to cut them just to try on these nails. I have square-ish shaped nails and cannot imagine how short they would look on someone with a longer nail base and longer nail tips.
Nail sizes do not fit!- I intended to try them on my younger sister, but her hands and nails are too puny. The nails would just not fit! They were simply too big. I put them on my nails instead. I could not find one that fit my left pinky!
Too thick- The nails seemed to pop up above my natural nails and looked very fake!
Not durable- When I tried to remove them, I nearly ripped the fake manicure apart with my natural nails. My natural nails aren't that hard to begin with. These press on manicure would break very easy. It is too soft compared to the glue on manicures that I've bought in stores in the past. Those break my natural nails instead!
I think these nails also look fake because they lie on top of my natural nails and do not curve and bend naturally at the tips.
Fast application: Search for right size and stick!
Practically reusable: if you use them for short periods of time. Just be careful when pulling them off your nails. They can be reusable if you remove them before washing hands, etc and keep them in good condition. The nail pattern/color might not last though.
Extremely easy to remove: Just gently lift the sides up with the glue.
Very cute patterns!

Final Verdict!?: I would get these if I'm desperate for nice looking nails for a night out. I definitely would wear these once in a while not for long periods of time. Like what you would do with false lashes. These nails will definitely break and pattern will wear down if I wear them for a prolonged time. I would rather paint my own nails if I want something that lasts longer. But between paying for a salon manicure for one special day and buying the imPressed nails. It depends. If people would be staring at them on a special event, I rather pay for a professional manicure because it is and looks real. Just a night out? I'll use these imPress nails!
Review for Pentel EnerGel-X - 5 years, 1 month ago
Attached is my doodle :D
The color is a pretty deep blue. It glides smooth on paper. Doesn't smudge and dries fast. For the most part, doesn't bleed through the paper!
Review for Rate My Professors - 5 years, 2 months ago
I always check on rate my professor before I take a class. Yes, there will be bitter students who bash their teachers. It's better safe than sorry! I've taken many classes with teachers that I felt should have had a higher rating than they had on the website. I'd rather overestimate the difficulty of my class than to get an extremely hard teacher.
It has been a life saver for me when I needed to take community college classes; however, it doesn't always have reviews on every teacher.
I love this site because it gives me an idea of what to expect and what I am getting into. No big surprises.
It has a hot or not rating option too! A little extra on the side.
Review for Skittles Original Bite Size Candies - 5 years, 2 months ago
I like the sour ones the most!
Review for Softlips Vanilla Lip Balm - 5 years, 2 months ago
I have only tried their lip balm, the cherry and vanilla one. Both smells very good and are very moisturizing!
It seems like they have a lot of other flavors (seasonal ones too) and even natural lip balms. I'm going to look into trying them out.
The price is good too. Their 5-packs are selling for $9.99 with $1 shipping on their website now! I see them often in stores too.
Review for Words with Friends - 5 years, 2 months ago
I like how you can challenge strangers as well and start many games so you wouldn't be stuck waiting for one person. Downfall is that this game requires internet and doesn't allow playing against the computer.
Review for Starburst Original Fruit Chews - 5 years, 2 months ago
My favorite flavor is the lemon one. I'm not so much a fan of the cherry flavor. I like starbursts but find a strange aftertaste.
I prefer Hi-Chews over starbursts
Review for Werther's Original Hard Candies - 5 years, 2 months ago
I love these. It's tastes good and are very addictive! It's very satisfying. I love how the center is soft and chewy combined with the hard exterior.
Review for Pedigree® Dentastix® Daily Oral Care Treats - 5 years, 2 months ago
I gave him one of these....He sniffed it and attempted to chew it. After attempting to bite it, my dog ended squealing loudly. It seems to be too hard and big for him to chew. His gums were bleeding a little afterward...
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