Genesis P.
Review for Thanks-A-Lot® Girl Scout Cookies - 1 year ago
What more do I have to say, GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!! These are my family's all time favorite girl scout cookie. We try to stock up when they are being sold so we don't run out of them. They are so good. They have just the right amount of chocolate and cookie. Would recommend them for the chocolate lover.
These headphones are such a great purchase. I bought them well over a year ago (probably more like two years now...) and they are still in great shape. They lasted through senior year of college, went overseas to London with me, and have been taken on-the-go in my purse or backpack every day. The sound quality is great, the buds fit in my ears well, and they're pink!!! The only thing I've had an issue with was the cord length being too short, but honestly it's a standard length and I simply needed to purchase an extension cord for them. When (more like IF) these wear out, I'll gladly buy another pair, especially at the price (~$12 on Amazon).
Review for XSport Fitness - 1 year ago
Xsport has a great variety of fitness machines which are really helpful for keeping fit. I love the cycling and yoga classes they offer. The gym i attended also had a basketball court, swimming pool, tanning salon, and hair/nail salon. It has everything! The only reason I am not giving them 5 stars is because they can be a little more clean. I never saw workers ever clean the machines which i think would be helpful.
Review for Curves Fitness - 1 year ago
I have been using Curves for about 10 years. I love it! The other members are friendly and caring also. We laugh together, share each other's problems, and support each other through life's joys and tragedies. I love the workout and would go every day if I had the time. I especially enjoy the key tag feature - it makes me push my workout to its full potential. I also love the new workout classes between circuit machines
Review for Crunch Fitness - 1 year ago
I strayed to this gym, and after 3 weeks, I went back to my old gym. I just didn't enjoy the classes, they are easy to follow and very slow paced. I fond myself checking out the clock every 10 minutes. I thought the classes were going to be similar to my old gym.
Review for Snap Fitness - 1 year ago
This review is for the Pasadena location. This is another no-frills gym which I happen to like and the concept is amazing. For those of you unfamiliar, this gym is not staffed during all operational hours and while they advertise being open 24/7 this location is not; they are open everyday no matter what from 5:00 AM (or 6:00 AM, forgive me, I cannot recall and it doesn't list the hours on the website) until 11:00 PM. There aren't any locker rooms here, just bathrooms and your typical cardio and weight equipment. I've never had an issue with broken equipment and my encounters with the staff have always been pleasant.On the downside the gyms is much more expensive than 24 hour Fitness or LA Fitness and I don't think the amenities justify the cost. If you want to try it, go to their website because they offer a "free" 30 day trial. You have to cover the cost of the key card (which is what you use to enter the club) but it's only $8.95 which is a total steal for a month. I have enjoyed working out there but I only go to the gym for the cardio equipment, free weights, and weight machines but I won't be signing up b/c like I said, for what it is, it's just much too expensive.
Review for Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite - 1 year ago
Lo he usado antes y lo uso de nuevo ahora para recuperar mi cuerpo, para aquellos de ustedes que quieran probar esto por favor lea las instrucciones primero antes de quejarse, una vez más ser consciente de lo que está utilizando siempre puede desagradar. Usted no puede simplemente tomar esta píldora y no funcionar porque usted terminará para arriba conseguir tembloroso, yo toma 1 entonces espera 30 minutos de modo que pueda patear. Entonces trabajo, ayuda mucho, esto tiene cafeína así que no beba el café mientras que usted está en él. Siempre viene abajo en cómo usted se disciplina. Déle un mes de trabajo, caminar, comprar una cuerda de salto, cuchilla de rodillo ... Entonces usted verá una diferencia total que ahora puede usar ese vestido que siempre ha querido seguir adelante!
Review for Monster Energy Ultra Blue - 1 year ago
Sólo me gustan algunos de los sabores Monster y este es uno de ellos. Me gusta que es dulce, pero todavía tiene un sabor tangy ligero también. Mientras que usted consigue la manera más en esto puede que usted haga en una poder del redbull, no estoy seguro que debe ser tan tasado. Me gusta que se vende en las tiendas más convenientes, pero un montón de veces que están fuera de este sabor. La única otra cosa que no me gusta es que después de una hora me siento muy cansado y sólo quiero dormir. Este nivel de cansancio sólo se produce después de tomar una bebida energética azucarada o si he estado toda la noche estudiando y luego ir directamente al trabajo.
He jugado estos juegos de ordenador cuando yo era más joven y no son sólo educativo, pero divertido! Cada grado es una nueva aventura y aprendes muchas cosas nuevas de ellos. Estos son grandes para los niños que aman jugar, pero los padres saben que están recibiendo más de ellos.
Este fue el primer juego en la serie del campo de batalla para ir basado en Windows. En lugar de vapor, ea optó por hacer que todos usasen origen. Ya no tienes que cargar un disco para cargar en todos los ordenadores en los que juegas. En general, no me impresionó. Los pelotones eran más pequeños y las clases cambiaron. BF4 ha funcionado su curso y ahora la línea dura está hacia fuera.
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