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Felicity H.
Review for MILK MAKEUP Holographic Powder Quad - 3 months, 2 weeks ago
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 3
Okay so I never order things when they come out but this was a lust and it was my birthday sooooo... Milk is a great company and I love their branding. This is a long one as A: I had trouble finding reviews and B: it's really expensive and limited

In the palette there are 4 shades. Top left is the pink shade...it has kind of a creamy pink base that shifts pink/red and a bit yellow/green depending on the light. Top right is white, the most boring shade and easiest to dupe IMO: a creamy white base, with white shift that leans a little pink in some light. Bottom left is Mars which is their permanent shade, sort of an orange red base with a red/pink shift. Bottom right is blue which is I would say a creamy base but mostly transluscent with a heavy blue shift, leaning red in some lights.
The pink and blue have the most translucent bases, which means from the front you may not see much glow and then when you turn BAM its got colour payoff. White and pink are the most...strong...or metallic with a slightly creamier consistency and the ability to build up more and be more intense. Mars is the darkest with a quite strong red colour visible at all angles.

These are pretty light, however because they are shifting I think they would work on all skin tones depending on what you want. I am light so they tend to blend in and be very noticeable as a pop on an angle, but mars is more noticeable from all angles because I am lighter than it. On dark skintones the colours with be more noticeable but mars wont be as contrasting...but white definitely will (possibly ashy but I am light so cannot confirm!). This should be considered before you buy! What kind of look do you want? These have an alien...coloured highlight look, and the shift in the light is very eye catching (and right now very trendy!)

Technically each individual powder is not holo, it's only really possible right now for cosmetics powders to shift 1 or 2 colours, not all, but I love that the 4 shifting colours together really do have those rainbow shift vibes and you can get that by using them all.

Formula is very buttery and soft...I feel like it would be powdery if it didn't have the butters in it to keep it together if that makes sense? They keep it creamy and not dry and thats good because the formula does give a lot with a brush or finger. A little does go a long way and my swatches are heavy but to get the look in person you just need the liiiightest touch. They are not shimmery...it is finely milled and smooth so with a very light touch can look pretty subtle...especially the white shade. In the shift you can see very small particles, but they are not at all glittery, definitely more metallic. They are also not as strong as some of the crazy chrome highlighters around, if they didn't have the shift I think they could be classified as a medium intensity, however that shift does mean they look intense...just in a colour shifting and not metallic or glittery way.

They lasted 8ish hours for me, with pink and blue lasting the longest with strong shift and white fading the most...I found after 12 the pink and blue were still pretty astonishingly strong. They lasted longer than other highlighters I own. I tried them without foundation as well and they didn't last as long but they looked less textured on my skin. Not a lot of texture...I have highlighters that do more, and I also have highlighters that do less.

My next positive is that the pans are huge! They are just under a full size, which here goes for 36$, and this quad is 59$, so if you bought four powders it would be 144$. I love that its full size because these kinds of powders are beautiful all over the body, but the reality is if they are small I'm not going to be able to use them all over....this gives me the ability to do that.

Now is it worth it? 59 dollars is a lot for...a highlighter. Yes it is multi use, with eyes and lids and body use...but normally I would spend that on an eye palette with tons of shades. I checked and it has nearly the same amount of product as a palette like MR or the TF Chocolate bar, it's not a bad deal by any means and you are getting a great deal and a good amount of high quality product.

But. The white shade is entirely dupeable, and given the popularity of these types of shades if you have any of the recent pastel highlight palettes (abh, the alchemy palette), honestly I wouldn't purchase. Because if you own 2/3 similar shades then this is not as good a deal. In canada if you want two of the shades, it is still about a 12 dollar savings from buying full size and in the us it is 10, but thats not as much as the impressive 80$ from initial calculations. So say if you have the KVD alchemy...you have the pink, blue, and white...and same with the abh. If you have one shade (say the white), then again, more worth it. But if you have a pink and blue shift highlighter but love the milk formula, just buy mars (which is definitely the most unique) or the other permanent shade (a silver red shifting purple). You don't really need the white. Yes it's beautiful, but the most boring IMO. I actually didn't have any shades like any of these colours (even the white?) because I was unhappy with the size/cost of the KVD Alchemist and other singles (drugstore dupes are still not out in canada)...if you are deciding between the two I believe this one to be the better choice for more product with the same effect. I was waiting for the perfect product with the right price because I specifically wanted colour shifting highlighters with a light base, with at least a pink and blue shift, and I do not have anything like mars or a strong white in my collection. So it was the right choice for me.

I would also add if you are unsure, go to a store and swatch the singles, that's what sold me because they really are so strong and stunning with that first swatch. They look like a flat colour in pan and when you swatch it it's really really gorgeous...and will help you see if the shift is what you want and the powder is a formula you like!

Overall: I'm very happy with it and excited to use it! Formula is great and surprisingly long lasting. Decide first however it is right for you and your collection.
Review for Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate - 3 months, 4 weeks ago
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 3
I first got a sample, and now have been using the full size for almost a year after getting it for christmas! I have genetic undereye circles, so it is a top concern for me.
I noticed as soon as I tried the sample that it actually works. Now plenty of eye creams have ginseng and caffeine which create a temporary depuffing, but generally they all don't last longer than 20 minutes...and the most important part is the moisturization to keep aging at bay...however with this cream the depuffing actually lasts most of the day...even being noticeable the morning after I apply or all day if I don't want to wear makeup but am running errands I will just use this. Which I have yet to find in another cream! It also applies great under makeup (let it dry a bit), keeping my undereyes nice and moisturized, and has no scent and what seem to be good ingredients which is important to me for my skin health. The full size honestly isn't even half empty after a year, although I am stingy because of the cost...I don't think I need more...and I also don't use it every single day.

I take a star off because it is so. Expensive. There are high end eye creams half the price so this one is like...precious gold to me... I don't honestly know if I can afford to buy it again and that makes it hard to recommend as a long term perfrct eye cream...but it works like no other for making my circles less bad....but when in doubt moisture is most key for anti aging under your eyes...not cost...
Review for Wet n Wild CoverAll Correcting Palette - 4 months ago
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 3
I honestly love this thing..especially for the price. I find it hard to find drugstore color correctors so this does the trick. I have very pale dry skin with big undereye circles. I use the yellow just where my darkness is (using a small brush for accuracy as any product outside the darkness will accentuate instead of hide), then I use a very very small amount of purple over the yellow to neutralize it...because i am so pale the yellow is too bright for me to use by itself. I also use the green to spot conceal redness, but I barely ever use the highlighter.

It is super pigmented and bright, which for me means slightly more work and a learning curve...too much and I'm green and yellow. I would love to see an addition of a pale one with more pastel hues and a dark one with even more intense orange and brightness.

Its fairly creamy...I cannot use it alone but have to conceal and set it, and I rarely use the highlighter because I feel after all the work needed to make it stay and not bring up my foundation its not the most visible...but its nice as a singular no makeup cream highlight.

All in all its not perfect but soooo useful and for the price i would recommend, especially if you have the kind of purple under eye circles that don't respond to under eye concealors with just an orange tone.
It's definitely childs art quality, but without buying one of the really nice (and expensive!) mica watercolour sets I think it does the trick and has a bunch of fun colours!

They have to be wetted first and sit for a bit, then run through a lot and you can get pretty good concentration with a detail brush. They're all basically a silvery mica base, so kind of pearly and sheeny which gives a nice finish.

If you like micas and like having fun colours and textures I think it is worth it, but if you are wanting a highly metallic pigment for calligraphy or just accents I would just save up and splurge on a single or gold set from one of the expensive artist quality brands.

Picture I attached shows the palette used for the coloured parts on a watercolour painting (the gold outline is brass ink)
It's fine but just kind of boring. It's basically a watercolour medium mixed with standard silver mica. It's sightly glittery but I find I barely use it. I like to mix it with pearl pigments and micas (which need a medium to work), or with iridescent watercolours in pans to kind of give both of them a boost...because by itself it's just...okay...not really concentrated enough to give a crazy awesome iridescence. When you mix it with your wash you can get a very subtle sheen which can be nice.

I wouldn't repurchase, as you can mix plain watercolour medium or watercolour with mica and control and customize it.
Review for Golden Heavy Body Artist Acrylics - 5 months ago
Golden heavy body acrylics are my favourite go to acrylic paints. I have tried other brands and their other lines and prefer these ones. They have a lot of pigment, as well as are opaque and creamy. And speaking of creamy...the texture! They have the most amazing, buttery, thick, smooth, luxurious texture that really makes them a dream to work with, mix, and use. They are soooo wonderfully textured which, along with the great pigment, is one of the reasons they are my favourite. Then, because they are artist quality, they have a huge range of pigments and finishes, meaning I can get exactly the colours I want for my palette and anything I might need for a special colour. They also have different sizes like standard tubes and big tubs, which I love to get in my favourite white as I use tons of it. The colours are painted on the tube and it's great for reference and they have a consistent system of categorization on the backs of tubes for opacity, shine, etc.

The only negative is cost: they are definitely one of the most expensive acrylic paints out there, so if I am doing anything large, murals, or with a TON of one colour I usually buy a cheaper brand or even a student brand...I just can't justify the price for really really huge amounts of paint.
Review for Jacquard Pearl EX Powdered Pigments - 5 months ago
These are basically mica/pearl pigments, you can find them everywhere for different applications such as makeup, car paint, crafts/fine art, etc. The pearl ex ones are for craft/fine art and I think that compared to competitors and other mica products (many of which have recently become trendy), they are fairly affordable, although in the art world they do tend to be more pricey. Many brands of paints also offer interference colours which I prefer to not purchase and instead use pearl ex mixed with the medium of my choice. Giving me control over the strength and medium. I especially love the large size you can get them in, which for colours like gold and interference gold,  I definitely get a ton of use out of. Competitors often sell really teeny sizes which are very expensive for the product you get if you are using it for art.

Pearl ex are very very finely milled, so they are not glittery at all and as the name says are very pearly, especially if rubbed into a tacky surface. They tend to fly everywhere with the slightest breeze and require a dust mask, which is an inconvenience but comes with the material.  It would be nice if there were less fine, glittery versions. I also think more colours and especially more colour shifting ones and packs of just the colour shifting ones would be really  nice.

Picture I attached shows a painting using gold and interference gold pearl ex.
As in my matte review; mod podge is fairly cheap, non offensive smelling and safe, and available everywhere. However I prefer the matte to the gloss. The gloss tends to get sticky over time on multiple materials, creating issues for longevity. I have switched to something else for varnishing but continue to use it as an all purpose glue/medium especially for collage.
Review for Plaid CS11301 Mod Podge Matte Finish - 5 months ago
Mod Podge is basically fancy glue, but I use it all the time so can't complain! It is non offensive smelling and safe, fairly cheap, and great for collaging with a nice thick texture. I wish it were more self levelling. And it is less matte and more like a satin finish; which will get more shiny over time.
Review for Golden Open Acrylics - 5 months ago
I don't really prefer the open acrylics, however it's mostly taste. They have lots of pigment just like the regular line, however they do not have the wonderful texture and opacity of the heavy body golden acrylics. They are super, super slow drying (seriously they stay workable for hours), which I think many who are used to oils would really enjoy, but they are super super thin. For slow drying I would rather work with oils or use a retarder in the standard acrylics as these are hard to brush on and get smooth layers, and lack the pleasant texture. I find I have to do more layers and wait even longer between.

If you like tinting or doing thin layers worked a long time, I think you would enjoy these, but for me the heavy body acrylics are so much better.
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