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Leah N.
Review for L'Oréal Paris EverPure Moisture Shampoo - 10 months, 2 weeks ago
This shampoo is fantastic! It has prevented my hair from becoming dry and brittle, which is a huge concern of mine, particularly in the winter.
I did notice that it lathers up a little differently that a regular shampoo would, but I imagine it's due to the lack of sulfate. Regardless, a little goes a long way! The scent is lovely and not too overpowering.
Because this shampoo is sulfate free, I was able to recommend this line to my stepmother in law, who is allergic to sulfate!

Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing and reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.
Review for Vicks® EasyFill Cool Mist Humidifier - 10 months, 2 weeks ago
This is the best Humidifier we've ever owned! Here are some of it's amazing features:

1. It has a 1.25 gallon tank capacity and runs up to 36 hours.
2. It is super easy to refill! Because of its slim design and shape, I'm able to remove the tank, set it upright in our sink and let it fill!
3. There's the option of adding 1-2 Vapor pads, which provide soothing menthol vapors. We received one with our box and it did wonders to clear up my stuffy nose the night that we used it!
4. The knob allows you to control the mist output and it shuts off automatically once the tank is empty.
5. It's QUIET.
6. It requires no filter!
7. You can change the direction the mist blows without repositioning the whole Humidifier, by simply lifting and rotating the piece that the mist comes out of.

This Humidifier will take care of winter dryness, coughs and congestion. I highly recommend it!!

Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary from Influenster for reviewing purposes.
I first used this conditioner when I was visiting my mom and needed to borrow some from her. Immediately, I fell in love with the tingly/cooling sensation! It felt so refreshing and amazing on my scalp! Although I don't have fine hair, my mom got the conditioner for me as a gift about a month later, since she knew how much I loved it. I've been using it for several weeks now and all of a sudden, I've stopped shedding hair between washes. Since my first kiddo was born, this has been a huge issue for me, but as of late, it's almost completely stopped! I'm no longer pulling gigantic wads of hair out of the drain stopper after showering and am not having to cut chunks of hair off of my hair ties. And it's all thanks to this amazing conditioner!! I highly recommend this!!
Review for AXE Anti-Dandruff Shampoo + Conditioner - 1 year ago
My husband was having horrible dandruff issues before I purchased this shampoo for him to try. He likes it, I like the long lasting scent and his dandruff is gone! Wonderful product - I'd highly recommend it!
Review for Primo Black Bottom Loading Hot/Cold Water Dispenser - 1 year, 6 months ago
We have this model in grey and it is one of the best investments we have ever made. It has more than paid by itself since we bought it at Sam's Club a few months ago! The tap water in our area is very bad, so we had been buying bottled water for years before making this purchase, for drinking, brewing coffee, mixing formula and our pets. We go through at least a gallon per day, if not more, so the costs adds up, as well as the trash. We purchased two refillable 5 gallon water bottles, which we refill for 25 cents per gallon, whenever we go to the grocery store.

As for the model itself, I am a huge fan of it being a bottom loading dispenser, because 5 gallons are heavy to lift and flip upside-down and a top loading dispenser could be dangerous with my son running around. Also, the buttons to dispense the water are up on the top, too high for my son to reach and press. There's a convenient ledge where you can set a cup, glass or bottle while dispensing water, which is a great feature.
Review for Glade Hawaiian Breeze Automatic Spray - 3 years, 2 months ago
I absolutely love our automatic sprayer. We've got three cats and no matter how often I scoop their litter box, that corner of the house always remains a little on the stinky side. I put it right above the litter box and is set to go off every 18 minutes. Not only does it eliminate the litter odor, but releases a fresh scent throughout our living room. The Hawaiian Breeze scent is our family's favorite!
Review for Noir Cosmetics eyeliner - 3 years, 2 months ago
Review for: Long-Wear Forever Noir
I received this in my September Birchbox. I constantly deal with the problem of my eyeliner smudging in the corners of my eyes, just around an hour after application. I did not have that issue with this product! It lasted all day and didn't smudge or smear. I also like that I don't have to sharpen it!
Review for Benefit Cosmetics Total Moisture Facial Cream - 3 years, 2 months ago
I received this in my August 2014 Birchbox and oh. My. God. I love this stuff. Not only did it leave my skin feeling moisturized and nourished, but the scent made me feel relaxed and pampered. I love that the cream absorbs quickly, allowing you to apply make-up with no trouble afterward, yet keeps your skin moisturized all day. I think this would make a fantastic night cream as well!
Review for Whish Pomegranate Shave Crave Shaving Cream Pump 5oz - 3 years, 2 months ago
I received this in my September 2014 Birchbox. Although it is totally irrelevant, I was very drawn to the bottle's design; it is very feminine-looking and made me look forward to using it! Since it was not in a can, as your traditional shaving creams are, I knew it wouldn't foam. It came out as a rather thick cream, which thinned out and spread evenly when I applied it. It left my skin feeling so soft and smooth after the shave! Although the scent wasn't quite as fruity as I was hoping it would be, it still smelled nice. I'll also add; a little of this product goes a long way. You only need a small amount to cover your whole leg, whereas with foaming shaving cream, I feel like I need 3 to 4 times the amount.
Review for Juara Candlenut Body Creme - 3 years, 2 months ago
As someone with dry skin, I am very impressed with this product! It felt a bit thick during the application, so I expected it to leave behind a sticky residue. But it smoothd and spread out nicely on my skin and left a silky, velvety feeling behind. The scent was lovely and it is still strong, even several hours after application.
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