Jennifer A.
Review for Bobbi Brown Molten Drama Eyeshadow Palette - 3 days, 11 hours ago
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 2
Its been a ride, honestly. It was bad, then it was good. 3 stars for balance.

Let me start off by saying that when I first watched this I was not impressed. The first time I applied this, I was not impressed. To be completely honest the only thing that took my breath away was the packaging but I was determined to try this in any way I could! I did my makeup with this palette alone and with other shadows. I've tried it wet and dry. I have primed and concealed, as well as applying it bare. I've used brushes and even my fingers. I NEEDED to put this palette to the test!

That being said I'm gonna back track to the beginning. The first time I applied this I was thinking I had to have done something wrong! It wasn't all that I had hoped. The shades were not pigmented for my liking. No matter which way I tried I could not get a saturated color with only a bit of effort. I tried packing some of the chrome metal eyeshadows multiple times and I could not be satisfied. Over the various attempts I noticed they applied better with a primed or concealed eye lid. In the trials I also noticed spraying my brush helped the color pay off. The downfall to this is that when you build over and over and over again, the ever so beautiful reflects seem to dim. I also would end up with the small reflects all over my face. 

I knew something was wrong so if it wasn't the palette it had to be me! I took a break from trying to force this palette to do what I WANTED and thought about what it was MEANT to do. I did some sleuthing for intention of the palette. I wasn't too eager to follow some of the described steps for eyes. So, I moved on to see the brand as an overall. 

That is when this palette transformed. It had gone from being pleasant with the help of others to shining in its own desired light. 

I also re-evaluated my stance on my thoughts of the palette. I have heard that for eyeshadows to be blendable there has to be a give-and-take balance. In order for this to happen, you give blend-abilty and in return take some fallout. This explains to micro-reflects on my face. So the claim of blend-ability rings true.

The next claim says the shadows can be layered. In my mind that explained why they were lacking intense pigment or saturation. They were meant to be sheer (with Bobbi Brown's skin like focus in makeup it makes sense.)  With this subtlety in color it allows the shadows to build upon each other and feel weightless. Now my problem with this is that some of the claims have also said this palette is pigmented, which I don't think it is. The name has the word drama in it so I came to expect a serious punch of color.  Yes, the color can be built but it takes a lot of building and blending in order for it to happen. 

Take the matte eyeshadow Rock Steady for example. I am able to do natural looks with this in the crease because it applies so thin and sheer. I was also able to do a cut crease. Although, to able to accomplish that I had to do A LOT of building and blending. Even with all of that building the eyeshadow still did not feel, or look, like I had to start over. 

If you want a palette that can challenge you and help you grow, then go ahead and purchase this. It will make you attempt something more than the basic, intense smokey eye YouTube has had us practicing for the last like decade. This will also have you looking in a direction different than the highly contrasted, sharp cut crease we see on Instagram. This palette does on the other hand offer some very beautiful (but sheer) eyeshadows. I think the part that makes them so beautiful AND what made me challenge myself was the reflects. The chrome metal eyeshadows in this palette offer some of the most intense reflects I could find in powder eyeshadows. The only downfall to this is that due to the sheerness of the shadows, you can only appreciate the various reflects in them while out in the sun. 

Over all I think the eyeshadows are not pigmented. They are build-able and blend-able. Although they offer breath taking reflects, it is a beauty only seen in the sun. With the sheerness of the shades and the intensity of the reflects this palette offers subtle drama suitable for fresh spring time makeup. If I wanted bold, saturated color for the chrome metal eyeshadows, then I would be better off using these as eyeshadow toppers. That method would offer me deeper looks with the beauty of the reflects. This palette is in a strange realm of what I would reach for and also what I would not reach for. 

As for the name MOLTEN DRAMA I don't believe that the name fits the palette. It makes me think of volcanoes and thus causes me to think of colors like, oranges, reds, and browns. This palette has some colors that fall into that range the biggest curve ball was Rock Steady, a mauve like color. Not to mention the level of sheerness it offered. Now if this palette had a liquid eyeshadow set counter part maybe the namesake of molten drama would fit. Unfortunately I believe Bobbi Brown tried to fit their makeup views onto what is currently trending and thus could not get a smooth blend. Its like a Venn Diagram that didn't actually work. 

I highly recommend that this be a palette you try before you buy. Go into Sephora and swatch the shades that catch your eye BUT THEN go out into daylight and absorb the beauty of the reflects. Try to decipher your thoughts or determine what you want before spending the money on something you might feel confused about. 

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for review purposes only.

Bobbi Brown Molten Drama Eyeshadow PaletteSephora
Review for - 4 days, 14 hours ago
I will never shop online at Target anymore!

I've had the worst, WORST, experience ever. I am not new to ordering things online. It is such a convenient tool that I almost prefer it. I have shopped online at Ulta, Sephora, Wal-Mart, Nike, Amazon, Vista-Print, Office Depot and various other stores. Not to mention there was plenty of times where I placed online orders for food locations. While I have had minor inconveniences, none can amount to what has happened with my latest order.

Its crazy how many problems took place with one order. I don't know if it was a glitch or what but my customer service wasn't any better.

A few months ago I removed my previous address to update it to the new one. All was good. My new address stood alone in my online account. It was correct. No mention of my previous address and the new one was correct and remained correct. Earlier this week I decided to place an order online.  Looking at the shipping address, it was still current, up-to-date, and correct. I look at my account and the address is correct. cool, right? I go to look at my order before final check out and the address is correct. Everything is going smoothly. Well, when I receive my email of the order being shipped the address is wrong! Some how my previous address that had been LONG REMOVED had combined with the current address!! At this point it is too late to try and change it on the order that has shipped, which was split into two parts. Alright, I try to problem solve. I've changed the address before I can do it again. I can't do much to help the already shipped packages but I can check my account information. I go online once more to change the address one more time! My next problem? IT WON'T LET ME CORRECT THE ADDRESS! I currently live in a house. My previous address was an apartment. So my apartment number, which is typically the second address line, rose from the internet deletion depths to interrupt my current living arrangement. No matter how hard I tried to remove the second line and save those changes, the website would not allow it! I tried so many times to correct this, out-of-the-blue, mistake! I cannot begin to describe my frustrations. I took a break so I could breathe. I went back to add my correct address as a new one so I could out-right delete the mutated one. It worked! I decided to contact customer service through their chat to figure out what had gone wrong.

In the chat with customer service I thought things would be resolved. I was beyond mistaken. I was only met with more aggravation and frustration. I had explained what was going on with the address and was hoping that maybe, just maybe, something could be done about my package with the altered address. The tracking details, although it had said shipped, also said it had yet to be picked up to be actually transported. It was a long shot but maybe it could be intercepted. In my chat the fellow who attempted to read my issues gave up and passed me to the next person. This gal requested time to catch up. She came back and asked what the problem was. I re-explained. I was given nothing. I explained once more, and again in different ways so maybe a solution can be found. If not for my package, then maybe the address change can be brought to light to their online team. This woman told me what I had explained to her and the other fellow various times. Her solution was to change my address on the account. I don't know how but she had managed to skip over the fact that I had already done that. I explained to her how hard it was for me to do so but I had managed to complete the task before I ever contacted customer service. She replied to me saying that the address they had on file looked fine. Some how, yet again, what I was saying was ignored. Yes, of course my address looked fine because I already went through the steps of adding the address to remove the mysteriously altered one. She told me she would submit a report. I have yet to hear anything about that report and nothing was ever done about my package with the incorrect address. I thought maybe if my package could arrive to the correct location my nightmarish experience would be over.

I was mistaken to believe my hassle was over. There was more. The first part of my order arrived. I was excited. The package arrived to the correct spot and didn't appear to have anything leaking. I picked it up and something was off. Things are rattling. Why? It's not just a small shake. It's like there is a trampoline inside and they are hitting all the walls of the box at the slightest move. I opened the box to find my order damaged and without any useful form of cushioning. There was one small bag of air. It was useless because it was deflated. Even if inflated it would not be enough to hold the items down. 

The order in the box consisted of: a shampoo, a conditioner, a toner, a moisturizer, and a travel size dry shampoo. Cool. Now because it arrived damaged I was too focused on my broken items to realize something didn't ship. What was damaged? Well my shampoo had the pump totally broken off. My moisturizer completely out of its box. I thought no big deal because it looks intact. The box to it completely mutilated though. The box was totally flattened. It had parts ripped off and frankly looked like it was tossed around alone before it had ever even shipped. I was shocked! Shocked but it could be over looked because it was just the outer packaging. I thought my moisturizer was okay because it looked good. I picked it up and it was about a minuscule twist away from having been opened up entirely to spill over the box. My dry shampoo dented. In all of this mess i have no idea how the toner didn't spill considering there was no seal. The conditioner was intact. You know things being shaken and tossed around during transit is to be expected. That is why I typically EXPECT there to be some kind of security measures to ensure quality of product upon delivery. I have seen bubble wrap, packing peanuts, a recyclable alternative to packing peanuts made of cardboard, tape on anything that can flip open or twist open, and bags of air. The only thing in this box was a measly deflated bag of air. 

After checking the products I realize what didn't ship. I realized that my hair gel never arrived. That it never shipped. I tried to back track. I know for a fact it was in the shopping cart. I remember looking at reviews. I remember adding it to the cart. I remember making sure that it said it would be delivered like the other items. I remember looking over the order summary and it being included before I finalized the process and clicked place order. Where is it? I checked receipts, order summary, account info and nothing. It had disappeared. Some how this item left my cart all on its own when I clicked place order and left no trace. Man oh man was I losing it. My blood was boiling. How could this all happen? How could so many things go wrong? 

In one online order the following things have happened so far: my single address listed on my account morphed into something that didn't exist by pulling an extinct address out of the great beyond. I somehow was unable to correct it on my packages and on my account UNTIL I removed it entirely. I told my story SEVERAL times to customer service to ultimately be overlooked. Multiple items in my order arrived damaged. There was no reliable security measures for quality of products within shipping and delivery. Lastly, an item has jumped ship into the great abyss with no sign for any one customer to track. Or so I thought.

Like I had previously mentioned my blood was boiling. I was in a rage desperate to get some real help. This time I chose to call customer service. That chat was of no significant help that I had come to the conclusion that in order for me to get help I had to call. Someone had to hear the frustration in my voice in order for me to get help. So I looked for the customer service line. I grabbed my computer pulled my account info up, as well as my emails. I grabbed my receipt and box of damaged goods. I even grabbed my mobile device with the app just in case.

While on the line I expressed my frustrations with GREAT passion. I could barely refrain from raising my voice. The poor man who helped me was not ready for his day but he took the call like a champ. I truly appreciate his help although, like with the chat my problems were overlooked. I was told just to toss my items and repurchase new ones. Man, was I not in the mood. I purchased some of the items for the sole reason of their price. The deal only applied the day I placed the order. I was not about to just go spend more money to go to my nearest target, or place another order online. I was not about to spend more money to replace damaged goods that should have never been damaged in the first place. This man refunded my money for those items. Great. I have my money back but my problem still exists. My items are broken with no solution. I mentioned my missing hair gel earlier in the  conversation and it remained ignored. The call had ended. I was still angry.

I tried to call customer service one more time but decided I was better off trying my luck with the online chat. I mentioned my vanished hair gel and broken items. The items were recognized and hair gel. The talk about the hair gel was about as present as it's existence in the order. It wasn't. This is my third time reaching out for one order. It was back and forth all over again with explaining things and being told what had already been said. Finally, a replacement order was sent. I am getting new, hopefully intact, beauty products. My hair gel remains gone. From what I was told it was never ordered. I know for a fact it was in the cart. Like I mentioned before, I am not new to computers nor am I new to placing online orders. Where is my hair gel? The solution I was given was to place a new order. I was told to make another order for one product. Pay for the product and pay for its shipping. My original order had shipped free because it was all over $35. I apparently am responsible for buying a new gel that should have shipped. I need to pay for it do be processed and shipped. The hair gel vanishing from my cart never raised any flags for It never concerned them. I struggled with my address and being listened to. I struggled with my items and being listened to. I struggled with the entire order and being listened to. From what I can gather doesn't care to listen to the problems. Some of these were mentioned to bring to Target's attention and from my experience they just don't care. 

The remainder of the original order arrived open. The replacement items arrived the same day. The items arrived undamaged although the box to the moisturizer absolutely torn and tattered again. I'm done trying with them.

I will be sure to never order from Target's website ever again. Not only was there problems with ordering, there was problems with customer service and shipping. There was too many hiccups in one order for me to even tell others that online shopping is okay. I have never met a customer service line, chat or email member so unwilling to listen. The craziest part is that I encountered four of them so far with this ONE Target order. Typically customer service offers solutions smoothly. I would have been willing to go in to Target and just exchange the products myself if I had been told that was okay. 

I don't know what goes on behind Target's customer service or their shipping but it was too much drama for me to ever consider it again. I don't know why all of this has happened. Maybe, I was the anomaly in all the orders that are placed but I never expected to be disregarded by customer service. I feel so hurt that this could happen. This was one of my favorite stores but not even Wal-mart has given me so much trouble.

Target most definitely missed the Target this time.

Review for Ulta Makeup Removing Towels - 1 week, 1 day ago
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 2
These makeup removing tools are so interesting!!

I had never even tried anything like these and was so curious! I think I may have bought these during a sale where you bought two ULTA Beauty tools and got a third free.

These little cloths are so small but so very powerful! (They are slightly larger than hand all around.) I thought they wouldn't work very well at first because of their size. They are so soft. In all honesty I thought they were just blankets made at a much smaller scale because that's what they made me think of. Although I will never actually out them to a test against a blanket for makeup removal, these items are much like them.

At first when you wet them the water just sits on top but you really have to soak them and give them a squeeze in order for the water to absorb. After that you just wipe, and gently rub off your makeup. (There is a very skight tug but nothing harsh.) You will open your eyes to a mesh of colors on these towels and none on your face. There is no cream, or liquid makeup remover necessary before this. Just wipe & go. I personally wash my face after makeup removal to refresh my skin before bed.

I only bought one set but wish I had more. Due to these being so small I am unsure if they can remove an entire face of glam. I wear minimal makeup so I only use one but this does not take away from their effectiveness! They are so easy to carry if you ever have to spend the night somewhere and cannot carry an entire counter full of makeup removal items. They also clean easily because all you have to do is throw them into your laundry & wash normally.

I definitely think these are great tools to have on hand! Even if they're not what you would want to reach for immediately, they are still worth the buy. The also create less waste; no tube, tube, jar, or pot for makeup remover and no wipes necessary.

Ulta Makeup Removing Towels
Combination, Sensitive
Acne, Blackheads, Large Pores, Redness, Scarring, Uneven Skin Tone
Review for ULTA Lash Placement Tool - 1 week, 1 day ago
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 2
This is such a helpful tool!

If you are just starting with lashes or already have experience this is such a helpful tool for lash application! I enjoy using this because I can place my mirror closer without my big hand getting in the way. To me this is so vital in lash application because I have vision troubles. I wear glasses daily but I am someone who does not wear contacts so my vision is totally blurred without my glasses.

This also helps with pressing your falsies together with your real lashes. I like the long handle on this because I can apply my lashes with a lighter hand. It's also so easy to clean if lash glue ends up on this.

I would totally recommend this to anyone who wears false lashes or wants to start wearing them. It's not a 100% a NECESSITY BUT I would suggest buying one because it makes things so simpler. I also would like to say all lashes I have used are only applied using lash glue. I have never used magnetic lashes so I don't know if this would work with them.

ULTA Lash Placement Tool
Review for Instagram - 2 weeks, 6 days ago
Let me tell yooouuuu!!! If any app on my tablet sucks me in, it is this app right here!! I am such visual person that I don't even care for Facebook or twitter.

Instagram is so easy to use and I love the new feature of saving posts and being able to archive them as well as stories. The options they have available when it comes to editing pictures is so amazing! I even love that you can increase or decrease the filters. Its such an easy app to use from editing pictures to exploring new posts.

I will say that I wish their profile setting were easier to get to. I always forget and hesitate a little to find them but once I do the navigation is a breeze. Other than that I don't have any issues. I have two accounts, personal use and an artist account, and I have never had an issue switching between the two.

Review for Ebates - 2 weeks, 6 days ago
I wish I would use this more. I signed up soo many years ago! I felt like it was only helpful when you made large purchases online or if you made most of your shopping online. I wish I would have remembered to use it more a few years ago when most of my shopping was online but i would always forget.

As for the actual ebates, its pretty rad. They have so so many different stores to choose from its almost overwhelming. Its pretty simple to use and I love how you can always see the current cash back offers they have. If you are an avid online shopper I would definitely suggest signing up and using this in combination with other money saving apps to get the most out of your money!! Even if you have money spilling out of your ears I would suggest using it because its only beneficial! Just remember to check to see the cash back offers available for where you intend to buy items.

Review for Shiseido Eyelash Curler - 2 weeks, 6 days ago
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 2
Love this curler!!

I have such thin, sparse lashes that regular curlers only really get my center lashes and just barely! This curler manages to get all, if not most of them! This curler manages to make my lashes visible, considering they only fall straight. Now my lashes don't hold a curl but that is separate from this lash curler & its abilities!

I bought this During Ulta's 21 days of beauty a few years ago because I heard great things. At the time of the sale this was half off which is the reason I bought it. I had been contemplating saving up for it when I seen their calendar. If you also have straight, sparse lashes, then I recommend you keep an eye out for this in Ulta's 21 days of beauty or at a TJ Maxx or Marshalls.

Shiseido Eyelash Curler
Thin, Short, Straight
Review for Caboodles Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer Tray - Medium - 2 weeks, 6 days ago
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 2
I literally owned this EXACT makeup tray!

I bought it at a Ross because I wanted to put my makeup in something. It was such a cute organizer. I would put my palettes and foundation in the back section. All my pencils, brushes and mascaras to the right. Next to that I would place my lash curler. In the front sections I would place all my powders, single eyeshadows, brow pomades, little eyeshadow quads, lipsticks, and sharpeners. I didn't have much makeup when I started to wear it but over time I began to outgrow this. I was only able to place my favorites on here. It holds up very well, cleans super easily & actually feels pretty heavy.

A few years ago I didn't have a desk or counter to even place this anymore so I gave it to my sister. She's not into makeup as much so it holds all of her items perfectly! 

Ross Dress for LessCaboodles Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer Tray - Medium
Review for Salon Perfect Perfectly Natural Multi Pack Eyelashes, 615 Black, 5 Pairs - 2 weeks, 6 days ago
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 2
I absolutely adore these lashes!!

I first sought them out because Desi Perkins mentioned them as a beloved drugstore lash, so I knew I needed them! They are so very light weight that you can't even feel them on. I have small eyes, lashes and lid space but these lashes help open up my eyes so much. I am also a glasses wearer on the daily and these lashes do not bug me one bit. The lash band is so thin and comfortable, I was surprised. I prefer these WAAAY over some Ardell Wispies. Those Demi-wispies I believe most people go on about that are beginner friendly. Yeah, no way! These are so easy to work with! The lash band curves just right and there is no trimming necessary to even put these on!! These lashes also have the perfect curve to them and they don't bring my eyes down or make them look heavy like other lashes tend to do.

Lastly, have you seen their price?! I would definitely recommend learning to apply lashes with these first! They are so budget and beginner friendly. Even if you mess up at first you can re-use the lashes. If you buy this multipack, then you have others to try out if you ruin the first pair during practice. 

These lashes, the Tarte lash glue, and a lash applicator are the dream team for easy, beginner, budget friendly users. You can buy all for the price of more expensive lashes. Granted, not all of these are a must for people but they are a must for me!

Salon Perfect Perfectly Natural Multi Pack Eyelashes, 615 Black, 5 Pairstarte Tarteist™ PRO Lash AdhesiveULTA Lash Placement Tool
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