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Desiree T.
Review for Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Belly Cream For Stretch Marks - 6 days, 19 hours ago
I had a tub of this when I was pregnant. I only purchased it once as an alternative to Palmer's, just to see if it was any better so I could save money. I couldn't stand the scent of it and it has beeswax in it, which I have a sensitivity/allergy to, so I had to discontinue use. It was a really great value so I was disappointed it didn't work out.
Review for Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks - 6 days, 19 hours ago
To be honest, I'm not sure how this was any better than their regular cocoa butter. The only difference I believe was lavender oil, which is actually ages your skin when applied topically and should only be used as an aromatic soother. If you're going to use cocoa butter throughout your pregnancy, spare yourself the bucks and get yourself the regular Palmer's Cocoa Butter.
Review for Nivea Skin Firming Cellulite Serum with Q10 - 6 days, 19 hours ago
I love this entire line of Nivea Skin Firming products! The serum is my favorite because it is super lightweight and it doesn't have a heavily perfumed scent like the gel does and it isn't thick like the lotion, though I do wear all three, don't get me wrong. All three of these are what helped me get through the postpartum stage having my daughter and helped my body get back to normal. I am so happy with my body and I can wear a two piece with confidence!
Review for Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Power-Clear Scrub - 1 week, 1 day ago
I ended up with this after accidentally ordering the scrub instead of the cream cleanser on Amazon. (The cream cleanser is my Holy Grail)! (I ordered two of them too, so I got stuck). Both of them a free of Sodium Laureth Sulfate and have green tea and cucumber, which are excellent skin soothers, so I knew I would be able to make do with the product at hand.

Though this has scrubbing beads, this scrub is not rough or abrasive by any means, which I like. Because of that, I'm able to use this cleanser twice daily.

The way to get the most out of a salicylic acid product is to let it sit on your face for about a minute or so before rinsing off. If you rinse it off too soon, you aren't allowing it to penetrate into your skin. Salicylic acid penetrates deep into your pores and it needs time to do so.

This is a really good facial scrub and it gets my seal of approval.
My boyfriend and I bought these on a whim after religiously using Trojan Sensitivity Ultra Thin Condoms and man, I feel stupid for buying Trojan condoms all these years. These are THE thinnest condoms we've ever used. They feel like there's nothing there instead of a plastic bag. Discovering these was a beautiful accident but now we are not going back.
Review for market pantry MP ICE CREAM 48 OZ CAKE N ICE CREAM - 1 week, 5 days ago
To be honest, I was surprised by the flavor of this ice cream. Most birthday cake flavored ice creams are very sweet, and are cake batter flavored ice cream with vanilla cake chunks and sprinkles, but this one had a bit of a twist.

The ice cream itself tastes like whipped vanilla frosting. The ice cream is very light and airy, just like frosting. It's not too sweet, either, which makes it easier to eat than other birthday cake ice cream.

I recommend this to anyone who doesn't have a huge sweet tooth but still want to enjoy sweet treats.
Review for Halls Fruit Breezers - 2 weeks ago
PLEASE READ THE PACKAGING BEFORE YOU LEAVE A REVIEW. It seems as if a lot of the reviewers here were very confused about what this product was meant to do. Halls Breezers aren't meant to prevent coughs. Their sole purpose is to soothe sore throats. If you're still coughing when sucking on these, that's because there's no cough medicine in these, only pectin, which is actually commonly used to give jellies and jams their jelly-like consistency. (So I have no idea what it [the pectin] is actively doing in these lozenges). (The actual cough drops can help soothe coughing and sore throats).

With that being said, Halls Breezers are great for your everyday throat irritations. I was a vocalist for six years and I always had these on hand. They taste great, much better than the Halls Cough Drops, though there's always a time for those too. My favorite flavor is the Strawberry Cream. It's super sweet and I like that it doesn't turn my tongue red because it's white. (The Berry flavor is red). The only thing that would make them better is being able to find them in a bulk sized bag the way you can find the cough drops but that's not a big enough hinderance to knock them down a star.
Review for Bigelow Sweet Dreams Herb Tea - 2 weeks, 1 day ago
I hate tea with a passion but my boyfriend bought this for me because I have problems sleeping. (I'm on psych meds and a medication for my sleeping problems and I just filled my medication but I want to finish it before going to my doctor to talk about switching medications and other options).

Along with my medications, I've been taking melatonin to help get me to relax a bit so I can sleep and some nights it helps, some nights it doesn't. So we've gone a step further and gotten chamomile tea. I can't stand the taste of tea unless it's scalding hot to where it burns my tongue and I can't taste things for a few days.

Again, sometimes this is soothing and helps, sometimes this doesn't. I'm anemic and I'm always cold so I like how this helps warm me up. I think having it as a stable routine will make it more likely to have a lasting, positive effect on me.
Review for Sheila G's Brownie Brittle Salted Caramel - 2 weeks, 1 day ago
I don't have as big of a sweet tooth as I did as a child, so this is where salted caramel flavored Brownie Brittle comes in. The salted caramel chunks actually taste like salted caramel so it balances the sweetness of the chocolate. It's the perfect balance of sweet and salty. These are deadly because I can eat the whole bag in once sitting. I honestly like eating these on their own though I can only imagine how delightful these would be with vanilla ice cream!
Review for Hask Argan Oil Intense Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment - 2 weeks, 3 days ago
I love these Hask Argan Oil Deep Conditioner packets. They're such a great value and you can find them at your local drugstore and mass retailer like Target and Walmart. I try to use this once a week, minimum! It smells amazing and it really helps revitalize my hair after all of the heat styling stress I put it through throughout the week.

My hair go to about my hips, so it's pretty long, so I can get about two to three uses per packet. I do wish they had a bottle of this available instead of the packets, for sanitary purposes.
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