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Review for Nestlé Butterfinger Bites - 2 years ago
I expected them to taste like a melt and pour "chocolate" one would use for making shaped chocolate lollypops, but it's much better than that. It's not Belgian fantastic, but it's very good and fun to eat while watching movies at home.

Surprisingly tho' these sno-caps affect me like coffee, which is annoying in the evening when I want to watch movies but also want to wind down. My husband can eat these before bedtime and falls asleep fine, so your mileage may vary.

I respectfully disagree with another reviewer who stated that these were too small and the white "sno" extraneous. I love those crunchy bits. It's the sno, for goodness' sake. I can't find these locally, so I'm happy to buy them here.
Maybe Dunkin Donuts / Smuckers has changed their manufacturer for this coffee. A lot of the other older reviews for this product were good.

However, this is a terrible "flavored coffee", since it really doesn't taste like coffee, or like pumpkin spice. In fact, the resulting brew has almost no flavor at all, and would not be recognizable as a coffee-based drink. It has a bland, neutral flavor.

There is a noticeable pumpkin spice aroma as the coffee brews that doesn't end up in your cup.

We prepared it in our Jura automatic coffee maker according to the recommended proportions: 1 1/2 Tbsp / 6 oz water.

To maximize the flavor potential, I set our machine to brew an espresso, using 1 1/2 Tbsp coffee to 1 1/2 oz water. This would result in a flavor profile 4x the recommended blend.

The end result still had absolutely no coffee flavor. The artificiality of the pumpkin spice stood out, tasting more like orange than pumpkin spice. Even still, this espresso-pressed brew should have had a stronger flavor profile. It was still weak.

I would recommend looking elsewhere for your seasonal pumpkin spice "fix".
This is Green Mountain's response to the Coffee People's Donut Shop coffee. Many people actually confuse the two which isn't difficult to do: donut house and donut shop -- both are extra bold in flavor, and both are excellent. Since Donut Shop is my favorite, I decided to conduct a taste test between these two rivals. Side to side they are very similar, very little acid taste, no bitterness which is what I look for in an extra bold roast. Head to head Donut Shop edged this coffee, Donut House, out by the slightest of margin. Donut Shop had slightly more body to it but frankly, it took me drinking a half cup of each before I could declare a winner. This is why I also think this is a 5 star coffee -- excellent choice if you want a simple, great tasting cup of coffee that you will not get sick of.
Review for Bed Head Candy Fixations Totally Baked - 2 years ago
I have very unruly, uneven, wirey-to-wavy-to-curly hair. This product is the baby bear of products for me. Not too thick, not too thin, not too stiff...just right!

I experimented with a huge array of products promising this and that. When I had short spiky hair, I found that this product plus the hair stick a perfect combo for awesome hair. Now my hair is way down my back and I now just use this product to smooth and direct hair in a way that looks natural.

I pay particular attention to the part and edges, but run the product thinly throughout the rest of the hair. I apply it to wet hair for best effect. If I miss it and let it get dry, then I end up using way too much product and get a slight sticky effect. Really, I only need at most three finger tips worth of light dabbing into the product twice for all my super thick, long hair.

I don't know about you, but right after a shower and no styling hair leaves me with an amorphous "fro." This product allows me to have that third day after a shower look with the added bonus of clean hair.

I also need to use Joico's Silk Result conditioner for thick hair...very nice. Joico's Silk Result shampoo is a good primer for the conditioner, but horrible at cleaning hair...I use Tigi Control Freak shampoo for cleaning...but it could be anything (I like the smell of pineapples).
This was one of the the worst cologne's I have ever purchased.I purchased Marc Jacobs Bang which I like.Then like a fool I order a large bottle of Marc Jacobs reg. cologne with out testing it first.I have put this on my wrist a few times thinking I might change my mind,but no way.This stuff smells like old butter left out to long in warm weather.Its fine for the guys who like it,but this is not for me.I think this crap stinks.
I learned a long time ago to only buy quality fragrances and so I only have a few at any given time but I always have this one on hand. No cologne should be noticeable from a distance greater than an embrace and this one is very strong at first, but just be sure to put it on a half hour or so before you go out and you'll be fine. It quickly settles down and stays in for the long haul. I never fail to get positive comments from women when I wear it. It has a clean scent with citrus notes yet smells masculine, not feminine. Trust me, women will love this scent on you.
Review for Gucci by GUCCI Pour Homme Eau de Toilette - 2 years ago
It smells slightly different from the mall sample and not as strong. I think it actually lasts a little bit longer than the sample though. If you want one that has a very strong smell and lasts all day the Gucci intense is a better choice. It smells great as well but has a slightly different smell. This stuff seems more like a bottle of pheremones. It isn't a real strong perfumey smell that everyone is going to pick up on from across the room. It is a little more subtle, many, sensual. When I sampled it at the mall I got a slightly different impression. I guess their samples have a stronger smell more perfumey smell. And there is a reason for that. You generally have a hard time smelling yourself. Like if I spray myself with this after a few minutes I don't really smell it on me anymore unless I put my nose on it, but other people can smell it. Also like I said it is more of a manly pheremone type smell instead of some over powering cologne smell so it isn't as in your face. If you want that really bold smell they have the intense and it wont disappoint. There is also the regular Gucci.

It seems to last maybe 4 hours at full power. Then it mellows out where its still there but even less noticeable and less strong. The lingering smell will last all day. You probably wont notice it yourself though. Other people probably wont notice it unless they are close to you. Like I said its not a scent that someone is going to pick up on across the hall. Overall I think the quality is premium. It's better stuff than the lower priced scents and its about the same quality as the other premium scents. The reason I liked this smell was because it was more manly and sensual and less flowery/perfumy than some other scents. But maybe the few complaints here are because people expected something different.
Review for Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette - 2 years ago
Review for: Dior Eau Sauvage 1.7 oz Eau de Toilette Spray more...
I'm not a huge fan of fresh cirtusy fragrances, I usually go for darker scents. However, after sampling many sport fragrances I have to say this is by far my favorite. Great fresh citrus opening, really classy fresh scent. If you're gonna be out in hot weather and wanna smell really classy and fresh I highly recommend. Longevity isn't great but thats go be expected. Nevertheless its a really nice smell, for sure.
Man, these Limited Edition Jumpin’ Jack Doritos take me back.

I remember eating bags of it while (insert 90s reference here) or (insert 90s reference here). Except for the acne and bullying, those were good times. Heck, I think I still have those (insert 90s fashion here) somewhere in my closet. But when Jumpin’ Jack Doritos went away, I was a little sad, just like when they cancelled (insert 90s television show here). For years, I wished I could (insert Back to the Future DeLorean/flux capacitor reference here) and experience those chips again.

Like the outfits in the first few seasons of Friends, the retro Doritos packaging SCREAMS 90s. It also screams 80s…and 70s. Okay, it just screams old and the font used for the “Jumpin’ Jack” makes me wonder where its leopard print leotard is.

The chips don’t look as cheesy as regular Doritos, but that’s because the cheese-flavored powder blends in with the color of the chip, like medium 28 camel Sephora tinting moisturizer blends with my skin tone. The cheesy seasoning is made up of cheddar, Monterey Jack, and Swiss cheeses. It sounds like a lot of cheese but according to the level of cheesy powder that accumulated on my fingers while I ate my way through the bag, the chips didn’t seem to have a heavy coating of powder. However, they were some damn tasty chips.

While the amount of spice the Limited Edition Jumpin’ Jack Doritos doesn’t make my taste buds want to jump, the chip’s wonderful, but not overpowering Monterey Jack flavor makes them wonder why they’re not a regular addition to the Doritos line.
Review for: Ruffles® Deep Ridged Classic Hot Wings Potato Chips 6.875 oz. Bag more...
I am pleased to report that Ruffles BWW’s classic hot wing flavored potato chips taste pretty great! Loads and loads of flavor. I have my doubts about the BW3 claims but I can verify that the chips tasted like buffalo wing sauce flavored chicken wing potato chips to me! The chips encompass a pungent blast of cayenne and vinegar initially, and then as they mellow, a touch of sweetness, reminiscent of ketchup unveiled itself. Lastly, a strong, savory chicken flavor presence appeared.
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