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[product:zoe-ayla-makeup-brush-cleaner-cleans-&-dries-dirty-brushes-in-seconds-eliminates-bacteria-and-improves-skin-electronic-&-automatic-premium-quality-mess-free-healthier-face] How effectively does it clean brushes?
Do you feel these actually work?
What type and size battery does the Zoe Ayla Microneedler with LED light therapy need? There is absolutely nothing on the scant directions on the box. Thanks.
I have done allot of research on these and found that it should be worth a try. Can you buy any titanium 540 needle 0.5mm brand. Or do you recommend to buy expensive ones and for what reason?
How well does this clean and dry brushes? Does it fit a wide range of brushes from different brands?
How well does this work and does it work for all brushes?