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What are your thoughts on this? I have always used tidy cats but I’m tired of the smell and it ending up all over the floors.
Has anyone anyone else had their cat be allergic to this litter? My cat sneezed up a storm whenever she would use the litter box so we had to switch.
Is this product good for cats with allergies?
How often do you have to change the cat litter when using this brand? How is the odor control?
How is this product with overall smell?
Does anyone know where I can find Whisker city jumbo non slip elastic pan liners! These are great for the corner boxes but I cannot find them anywhere! Thanks
I have a #foster cat. The cat had kittens. The struggle is real. I need a #clumping, somewhat #lightweight alternative to the heaviness of clay litter. I need something that masks the urine smell without the dust or synthetic fragrance. Is [product:worlds-best-multiple-cat-clumping-cat-litter] everything it claims? Uncle Murder-Snake, cat, thanks you in advance!
How good is this litter??
Are you more of a cat person or a dog person? I love cats. [product:worlds-best-cat-litter]
Having a hard time reading all the positive reviews. Hasnt anyone else experienced the large amount of dust?? I have little paw prints all over my apartment. And I wonder if those who dont have issues with dust- where is the litter box? Do you have a basement or garage setup where the cat has to walk a little ways to get to the living area of your home? Maybe that's why people arent having the issues with dust that I am, as I live in a smaller apartment in the city?