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What does it smell like?
love this, but can't find it any where.  Where can I find this 
Looking for a strong hold and shiny hairspray that is non aerosol. I usually use some of the got2be hairsprays but I’m looking for one that’s not killing the environment. I need a really strong hairspray for dance competitions and performances of it has to be long lasting and be able to hold my hair in place. Thanks!
Is this good for dry skin?
Where do they sale it now? @[email protected]
I love this stuff but I can’t find it anywhere. Any ideas?
Very good
White Rain Sensations Hydrating Shampoo I never tried this one. Can someone tell me if it is good because I had saw it in my local drugstore but I wasn't sure if I should get it so I bought the green apple blossom one. Is it good?
I bought this a yr ago..I have a lot of stuff to work through but before I even try this is it good for different skin types? Has anyone with dry skin or who is African American tried this. I know everyone has different skin but I'm just wanting to know​ from someone with my skins genetic basic make up