Does the Vicks® Personal Electric Steam Inhaler really work in assisting you to breathe easier ?
Yes, very much so. My mom was a former RT that turned into a NP, she kept one going if we got sick. I use mine now even during allergy season. 😉😇
Hazel Green, AL - Asked 9 days ago
Vicks® EasyFill Cool Mist Humidifier VUL750 ? Is the cool mist or warm mist vicks humidifier better for winter and dry throats?
I like the warm mist steam vaporizer, I have it right beside my bed and plug it in at night. I use the menthol pads which make breathing a lot easier for me. My nose and throat get really dry during this time and I always use my vaporizer to help my symptoms.
South Valley - Asked 2 months ago