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Has anyone used the high maintenance laundry soap from Tyler Candle? Wondering what kind of scent it has.
Have you all tried Diva Laundry Detergent? Well guess what this is the best smelling stuff I’ve ever used.......You do your laundry as you normally would but add a top of this!! Everyone all week asked what type of perfume I was Wearing and my husband said all the guys at work asked him as well!! [product:tyler-glamorous-laundry-wash-detergent-diva-16-ounce-[1]
Is the smell of this good?
Is this truly as wonderful as I have heard it is? I can’t imagine a smell being life changing, but I have been told otherwise!
Is the scent child-friendly as well?
My stepmom was telling me about this stuff but the price is really high so she said she only uses it on bedding and such. Is it really worth the price tag and if I do get it, what products should in my household should I use it on?
How is this with sensitive skin?
Ive been seeing alot about this detergent.Im not sure if its totally worth the hype, i hear so many different things like the smell is too much or the smell is amazing.. I need answers!?
Tyler Candle Company Tyler Candle Glamorous Wash Laundry Detergent 3.78 Liters (Gallon) - Diva I love the candle but this soap is costly. Is it worth it for the smell??