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Does this help with severe back pain?
Tylenol® Cold Max Daytime Caplets ? Does this also help with sinus headache?
I’m on medication that tends to cause issues sleeping for me. I’ve been taking Nytol for over a year a few nights a week (my dr. said longterm use is ok). I’m starting to find that it’s not really helping me fall asleep anymore, but more making it difficult to get up in the morning. Ex. I popped a Nytol at 10:30pm and am completely awake watching tv until 3am. Like, I’m not tired at all and only end up going to bed because I’m aware of the time. Sometimes it takes a while to fall asleep but I’m always struggling in the morning when I try to get up. And I’m working from home so I’m getting up at 8 and it shouldn’t be this hard. Yammer, yammer, yammer. I’m trying to find something else that would be more effective in putting me to sleep as oppose to keeping me asleep. But that’s ok longterm. Not every night but a few nights a week. How have people found this Tylenol product? Does it knock you out quick? Keep you out? Are you groggy? Any feedback from people taking it while on antidepressants?
Best fro Toddlers. 100% recomend
How long should it be in your body ?
How do these compare to the regular tablets?
Is this product any good for someone that suffers with bad back because of their work but hasn’t been properly diagnosed [product:thermacare-heatwraps-muscle-&-joint]?