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What is your opinion of the new Angel Nova? I love the original edp and the edt but haven’t been able to try Nova ?
Where can I find a real bottle of this product ?
Have you tried [product:thierry-mugler-alien-collector] ? It's amazing 👏🏻
AllIen perfume worth the hype[product:thierry-mugler-alien-eau-de-parfum-spray] ?
I recently purchased a used bottle of "Womanity" and I was initially skeptical to purchase because it was a 1.7 oz bottle and Mugler no longer sells them, however "THIERRY MUGLER' DID sell them... however, now I'm reading that if I have received a bottle with yellow juice that it is not authentic or spoiled! I have a small dabber that has clear juice and I did compare scents and they are very similar however the Mugler variation might be slightly harsher, but a lot of his formulas have been reformulated by Loreal... the juice did leave a slightly oily residue on my arm... has anyone else experienced these problems or have a suggestion if I should request a return from the seller? Nonetheless, I love "Womanity", but I do have a large collection so it will take me a long time to work through a bottle so I can not have a spoiled bottle in my collection... thank you! [product:thierry-mugler-womanity-eau-de-parfum]
Have you guys ever smell this, i wonder how it smells like [product:thierry-mugler-angel-nova-eau-de-parfum] ?
hi im looking to buy empty bottle? my bf bought me by mistake refill and cant use and he cant return... :(
Does the scent last as long as Angel (original) does?
Does the scent last at all after washing?