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Does this this really work, and how well? It's only the start of the season and I've already got about 30 mosquito bites and I use a repellent. [brand:thermacell]
Any adviceI shouldknow beforeusing this.? Hubby bought 2 of them for our backyard/camping. #camping #mosquitoprotection #outdoors #DIY #Hunting #Fishing #BeltClip #Influenster 1 [product:thermacell-mr450-portable-mosquito-repeller]
How well does this product work? I’m looking at purchasing one for when I go hunting and at certain times of the year mosquitos are terrible!
Is this a good thing to take while hunting, will deer smell it?
[product:thermacell-hunting/fishing-camo-mosquito-repeller-&-4-earth-scent-refill-packs] I have always used thermacell while hunting, what other brands do you recommend ?
Does this really work to keep bugs away?
Does this work well at campsites in the deeper woods? Where there are more than your average number of mosquitos?
Has anyone used these?
We live in a homestead. Besides livestock we hunt and fish a lot. Scent Control is always in question. When we hunt we need scent free. How does this work while hunting?🦌You can subscribe to our homestead YT page at Paragon Ridge Ranch?