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Sesi S.
#giftset #ItsOurParty #TheBodyShop #Festivemode #Pink #Gift #Birthday
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tamar K.
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madjdouline H.
Save your lips specially in winter #thebodyshop is honestly so good for lips , dry skin lips and wintercare in general . #beauty #lipbutter #makeup #skincare #lips
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sopo M.
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Nabila/lifestyle&travel R.
My vanity from ikea #ikea #MyVanity
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sopo I.
#beauty #bridesmaid #makeup
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sopo G.
#amazing #SpaNight
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Kanwal H.
MY THOUGHTS Overall,I really like this charcoal clay mask.It leaves my skin squeaky clean ,fresh and glowy every time I use it.The product is not harsh and I didn't experience any burns or rashes after using the mud mask.The mask dries fairly quickly. I’ve been using clay masks lately that don’t dry hard, so it was a bit of a change to have one that did. Washing off the mask is a bit messy because of the tea leaves. I felt quite a bit of tingling on my skin as the mask was drying. After washing off, my skin feels smooth and deep cleansed. The mask smells delicious! . *Pros of The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask* • 100% vegan. • Charcoal clay mask. • Can be used by sensitive skin. • Absorbs excess oil. • Maintains pH balance of the skin. • Purifies the skin. • Reveals a healthy, youthful glow. Draws out impurities and refines the appearance of pores. • Formulated without parabens, paraffin, silicone or mineral oil. • Ideal mask for at-home facial. • Packed with bamboo charcoal, green tea leaves and tea tree oil. IMBB Rating 5/5 "I will buy this product again."
Media uploaded by Islandgurldiaries S.
Islandgurldiaries S.
Throwback to cooler days!! #ItsOurParty #sunshine #beanie #outandabout
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sopo I.
#tan #sun #beauty #skincare #bodycare
Media uploaded by Zulma V.
Zulma V.
Hi guys! I’m not professional, I’m just a beginner so please don’t be rude:( this is the last part of the video. I want you to tell me guys what you think but don’t be rude:c thank you☺️💗
Media uploaded by Faiza  .
Faiza .
What would you rather prefer? A good daily face wash or the best facial wipes? I guess it's not hard to choose that most of you would want the good daily face wash. But I would choose both of them at the same time. Here's my favourite daily face wash and facial wipes. Okay now lets get on to the review. . ▪︎ @thebodyshop vitamin c daily glow cleansing polish : if you ask me why it's my favourite? I'd answer because it suits my skin so perfectly and does everything that it claims. It's best useful for dull skins. As it gently exfoliates and removes the dull skins. Also it is enriched with jojoba oil which keep your skin healthy and smooth. Exciting part is it contains Camu Camu berry which has 20× more vitamin C than an orange. Ultimately you get a healthy and polished skin. I use this face wash on daily basis. After waking up in the morning or while taking a perfect bath. Then apply my regular moisturizer. . ▪︎ @simpleskin cleansing facial wipes : Why it's my favourite!? Because I cannot find any other easier and comfier way to remove my makeup and all those dirts laying on my skin after a long day outside. It's best for sensitive skin. As it contains Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E. It removes heavy dirt, impurities, grease, excess oil and of course water proof eyeliner and mascara so easily. It doesn't make your skin irritated instead it hydrates your skin. I use it to remove my makeup and all those dirts and impurities from my skin. Then I cleans my face with the face wash. By this I can have super clean face. . . #thebodyshopreview #thebodyshop #thebodyshopbangladesh #simpleskincare #simpleskinroutine
Media uploaded by Dorsa A.
Dorsa A.
#teatreeoil #facewash #thebodyshop