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How do I buy this
[product:strivectin-tl-advanced-tightening-neck-cream] Is this the best neck cream for a woman in her early fifties?
I’m in my mid 20s and I know I’m not the target audience for this product, but would you say this is a good product for prevention of wrinkles or sagging?
Has anyone tried this ? Is it worth the price? Looking for a new retinol serum to try. Currently using the ordinary’s.
What is the best product to make your hair less frizzy, but not too flat?
I have sensitive skin... If i have a mild case of rosacea will this intensify my redness?
Cool-toned eye makeup look I put together this afternoon with colors from NYX cosmetics and a palette (my first from this brand, actually) Juvia's Place, and eyeliner from Wet n Wild Cosmetics. 👁️✨ .... Side note (but one I am rather happy about, if I do say so myself!): I am *not* (I swear, I mean it) wearing *any* amount of undereye concealer in these pictures which means (*cue drumroll*)....the StriVectin Multi-Action R&R Eye Cream that I have been using roughly twice daily for weeks on end by now, is actually WORKING for me!!! Solidly recommend this cream, if you are ok with investing in it at the price point (I got it for roughly 50% off of the regular sale price at other stores, along with an extra mini travel one at Costco, and I really can only say, I am indeed pleased with that deal!!)
Has anyone tried this brand or specific product? Just got it in my Trendmood box - retail is $72! #StriVectin #SuperBBarrierOil