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What can you tell me about it?
Does anyone know the percentage amount of Vitamin C that is supposed to be in this product?
I put it on my skin tonight and it was sticky. Am I doing it wrong or is this just what face strums feel like?
Iss this a good quality product ? I see it all over TikTok but I found it at the dollar store!
Is this product left overnight or do you have to take it off in a couple of minutes?
Can anyone find a website to the manufactures of Skin Nutritions products? I went to the website listed on the products box which is but it doesn't exist. Also googled the company Skin Beauty International Inc. with no luck.I sure wish they had a website that you could order their products from. I first came across some of their products at Family Dollar. It was a set of face cleanser, toner, and moisturizer that was on clearance so I stocked up some because I knew it was a close out item and wouldn't be there anymore. I loved their toner. Then I came across the Dark Spot Corrector roller and Retinol & Hyaluronic serums. I just found a new serum of theirs at the Dollar Tree which is a Vitamin C serum. I love all their products. Sucks when something is discontinued, which I am sure all these products will disappear soon because I see they are only sold at stores that sell mostly close out items. 
Does this stuff really work? I bought cause ai was curious to try [product:creme-de-skin-nutritions-double-strength-retinol-night-serum-compare-to-amazon-3]
Does this product really work?
Hey I just bought this,from the dollar tree and I was just wondering how well it measures up to other high-end serums?