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I am seeing mixed reviews on this.. I have used different teeth whitening products and teeth whitening pens and all that, but still can't seem to find one that actually works.. I don't want to purchase this just to find out that it doesn't work either.. can someone who has used this tell me if it actually works or recommend something that does please??
How well does this product work ?
I’ve been looking for a good, fast acting teeth whitener. Have you used this or do you recommend another product ?
Does this product actually work? And does it cause sensitivity?
What would be a good first teeth whitening kit to try?
Plus White Whitening Kit ? Does this product make your teeth sensitive?
Has anyone noticed that these have worked? I tried it twice but did not really find myself liking it too much. I prefer opalesence trays better
Does this product work? I’ve been struggling to find a product to help my teeth get whiter but nothing seems to help, I’ve spent 100s of dollars on all different kinds of products and can not find anything to work for me. Any suggestions?
Is this product fast acting and worth purchasing?