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I recently added cat #7 to my household. I've researched hours online on any kind of help or tips to control the overwhelming urine smell. All of my kitty's are rescues I've found myself & I just didn't have the heart to walk away & leave then. !Now, I'm 1000% attached to them & am trying everything in my power to beat this problem & be able to keep my sweet babies!. So far I've got a carpet shampooer & switching our current "Regular" clay type litter at the top of my list. Taking on the financial responsibility of this many cats has proved to be far more difficult than I thought. So, any tips, DIY or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. My question is: Is there anything I can do to minimize the smell while I try & save up enough finances to purchase the recommendations for this type of litter box & litter as well as an affordable carpet shampooer, fragrance products & cleaners?!?! Help a cat loving Mama out here 😂 🙏 🤔 .
Does this product work well?
New Simply Clean�� Automatic Litter Box ?we have 2 of these for our kitties, I am constantly fighting to keep them working correctly. Any tips to reduce spinning and conveyer issues?
How many times did you have to introduce this to your dog before you could use this outside?
PetSafe Wicker Dog Bicycle Basket [product:petsafe-wicker-dog-bicycle-basket] Does this basket have a way to buckle your pup in for safety?
How effective are these with large dogs that are hard to walk ?
Has anyone tried this product with their dog? Did you like it? Easy to use, clean?