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What does everyone use for curls? Mine always still looks frizzy and most products make my hair feel crunchy.
Does this help keep really long hair defined and help prevent frizz?
Is this good for hairs?
I Absolutely love the packaging but has anyone given this shampoo and conditioner a try? My hair is damaged due to bleach and I seem to be having a hard time growing it back as well! Any suggestions?
1, where do u find this mask at? I only ever see the small packet thats says conditioning treatment and I'm assuming they are different products so want to find this hair mask. Also how is this hair mask? And do u think it would be good for my hair type? I have fine, damaged, medium length, combination hair (oily roots but dry ends) and im trying to grow my hair out. I love the shampoo, conditioner, and leave in spray of this line but never tried the mask.
I see they have this and a hair mask, r they the same thing just different size and packaging or are they 2 different things? Want to try the hair mask but can never find it I only ever see this and if this is the same as the hair mask then will get this to try it first but if its different then just want to get the hair mask so wondering if they're the same or different
Has anyone used this with curly hair and seen good results. I’m looking for something to enhance my curls and eliminate frizz?
Does this make your hair feel oily?
Has anyone used this and it help their hair ? My hair hasn’t grown in a few months and hope this will help me .