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How well does this product actually work? I wonder if it’s a good alternative to a regular litter box?
Is this worth the steep price? I only have a baby kitten.
I need a solution for stinky litter boxes? I have 5 fur babies! Here’s a few of the culprits 🐈😬
How worth it is this litter robot really? Does it truly change your routine for the better or does it just add different steps?
Is this worth the money?
What litter can be used? I know it has to be clumping. I am curious if anyone uses the okocat wood clumping cat litter with success with the litter robot machine
HaaS anyone ever tried this and what are your thoughts? We’re your cats afraid of this? Mine are pretty skittish and I’m worried they wouldn’t use it
I Am considering purchase of a litter robot. I’m not sure if I should spend the extra on the connect. What about the warranty? Are there cheaper liners that work with it? What litter works best for it?[product:litter-robot-lrii-automatic-self-cleaning-litter-box-[gray]
I have a big guy. He’s a long dude and weighs about 18 lbs. Would he be comfortable in this?
I have four cats and I am extremely considering getting this product here in the near future. Currently I have two self raking litter boxes however they fill up rather quickly and the smell is outrageous I understand that I would have to clean out the bag of this little robot daily for four cats however I am fine with that I just wanna know if it was hard getting your cats to adjust to the new litter box considering it’s closed and oddly shaped?