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I Found this at Ross today, and I notice it’s sold out from lime crime dolls kill ect I can only find the other shade for sale on another retailer... since it’s discounted ya makes me wonder if it’s a good product I use SOL Body Shimmering Dry Oil and I know it won’t be the same but I love the one I use this is a cream is it good? Is was it discounted for a reason? Not sure if it’s just played out or not a good product I have never used a cream body shimmer and Didn’t realize it was cream until j for because they were closing and just rushed me out. I have mixed feelings about lime crime I think their pocket palettes are trash the Venus palettes are okay but lack pigment but I love the wet cherry lip glosses and some other lip products? Is this a good product I know a lot of people either love lime crime or hate it so plz don’t give opinion on the brand I’m wondering about the actually product! Lime crime is a brand I used when I 1st got into makeup and quickly realized I was wasting my money when there was stuff the same price or cheaper that was better this retails at $25 but was $8 at Ross is this. Product I should try it return?
Is this a good product for long hair?
This looks really fun. How long does it last in your hair?
Is this product actually matte ?
Unos colores demasiado lindos, son como unos tonos pasteles, colores que no deben faltar en nuestros productos de maquillaje, está si paleta tiene buena pigmentación? Son todos satinados? El empaque es una hermosura?
Where can I buy these from? Are they available in Australia?Would have have to buy them online?
How long approximately does the color last before a touch up or using color depositing shampoo?