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LG Advice

Can you REALLY tell a difference on the phone in the screen resolution?
What does everyone think about reports of this phone catching fire? I want to get it really bad. Also how is LG bloat ware?
White or black? Which color is better/do you like more?
What games do you think look best when playing with this phone?
How is the picture color on this tv..is contrast clear and is the sound ckear?
Is this a great TV for a bedroom
How is everyone's battery stats? I currently get a full day with about 30 emails, 45 text messages, and about an hour and half of screen on time. Still rocking 60% by the time I go to bed at night.
Cuanta memoria ram trae este telefono?
I am in the market for a new flat screen , can anyone tell me what exactly do you like abut this brand? I hear so many things about Lg.
Does the phone charge stop working after about 6 months? I have the LG G2 and both me and my sister have had problems with our chargers randomly stop working with our phones. Is this still a problem with the G3?
What do you like best about this product? What do you like least?
How much is the TV .. where I could it
Does anyone else have this mounted on the wall?
My boyfriend desperately wants to buy a smart tv, but I don't want to spend the money since we already have a working tv, an Apple TV, and a PS3. Is there anything that smart tvs offer that I don't already have with my other streaming capable products?
Is this tv worth getting for the amount it costs?
What did you like or not like about it
i would like to ask if this tv hace hdmi conection?
I like the black a lot because it is good at hiding fingerprints and any scratches that come to it
Is this product worth it? Just bought a new lg TV and we like it the volume is just so finicky so was looking into sound bars, do they help?
I've been looking at buying this . For those of you who have it what do you think
Cuanto sale??
Do you have one?
Do you have one?
is this any good?
Is this brand any better than any other brand?
Hi my name is Mark Peak and I'm starting a review channel on YouTube and I would like to review this product
Do you have one?
How much are blu ray players?
Is this phone worth it?
This phone is one of the finest and the best smart phones in terms of form and edition, and it is from a prestigious company and know about the world and famous when the big and small phones beautiful like this phone and I talk about my personal experience that it is very good
Cuanto sale
Essa televisão também é 3D?
¿Que tambien le funciona la camara alguien sabe?
If it has wifi does it only connect over wifi...or is this a smart blue ray player too with the apps etc?

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