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HooW does this work? Does it make the dead skin peel off? If not which product do you’ll recommend? ?
Who has actually used these and do they truly work?
Do these really work what do you think??
I have always been skeptical about these kinds of products, do you really see toxins and such on the pad after use?? Do you feel better/ cleansed after use?
Do these actually work? I've heard that the stuff inside these detox pads just reacts with the sweat on your foot and darkens and doesnt actually detox your foot... I'd love to know someone's input on them
I have persistent cracks and large flaking scales on my feet. Anyone with this had success with these detox pads?
Do these actually work and are there any concerns/side effects with using them?
I've been doing some research about this product and I've seen a mix of results. You put the pads on the soles of your feet when you go to bed and when you wake up, a lot of the toxins in your body will have been pulled out into the pad which leaves a sort of gunk on the pad. This detox supposedly will give you more energy and generally feeling better. The pads have a concoction of herbs and such inside and so some people seem to think that as they sleep their feet sweat and that's the reason for the gunk. Has anyone ever used these who could tell me their personal results. Is the gunk just from sweaty feet or is it actually the toxins from your body?