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K&H Manufacturing Advice

I don't get the point of this? How does it work and why should I buy a special tool just for the problem?
Is this long enough to use on a horse?
Do they break easy?
How well does this work??
Is the power chord the same length as the hose?
How well does this work? Where can I find it?
I've never seen this before but it's a great idea!
Does this need to be plugged in?
Wat dafuq
Does this really work? I worry about damage to my birdbath.
Would this work for a small dog?
Where would you use one of these?
How much does this cost? If so is it worth it?
Does anyone actually own this? Do the birds really use it?
Can you use for dogs & cats?
How much does this cost? Where do you buy it?
What's the point of this
Do the birds actually use this? I live in Canada so I know it gets cold but do birds still bath that much? You would think it would be cold still!?
Anybody else's cat like to sleep everywhere except for on the expensive beds/cat trees you buy them?
Is this worth the price? do they last a while and are washable?
My cat rarely uses his bed, but if I get this warming one, will that really make him want to use it mor?
Good bed?
Where can I find this?
Where can this be purchased and would it fit a biggee (13 lb) cat?
Does this work well with the velcro fastening option? I'm not sure I want to make holes in my windows/wall for it, but it looks like a great product that my cat would love.
How much is it?
Is this really worth the price? Do cats actually use this? I have a cat that all the beds I buy her, she prefers my bed.
Does anyone worry about fire hazard?
Does this actually work well? I live in Wisconsin and our winters are pretty brutal. Does it last through the cold?
Does hair stick???
Is this product meant for outdoor use only?
Does your cat really use this bed? My cat loves sleeping in the bed with me so I'm not sure she can be trained to do something else. is it easy to clean?
Where can you buy this at!?
How do you use this product ?
Can you buy a sheet for this?

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