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I was wondering if this brand was really any good or worth trying bc I’ve heard a lot about it but don’t know anyone that has tried them out.
I read some reviews that this doesn't have spf... so should I put on sunscreen first then apply this serum? I sometimes burn easily.
Does this tanning serum have SPF in it?
I love laying out however I hardly do because it is SO bad for my skin . However I do sometimes need that extra dose of vitamin D and will go lay out side & I do Love the healthy glow I get after. I have heard that this is good for your skin and will help keep the healthy glow . Has anyone tried this ?
I recently bought this product after seeing it online everywhere. I like the smell and can see that it moisturizes well! I was just wondering if anyone has used it for tanning, like outdoors/on the beach? Would you say it helped? Or did you burn? I'm going on vacation soon and would like to know if its worth bringing!
Has this been reviewed by a dermatologist, and if so, what is the "official" opinion on this product (usefulness, safety)? Thanks!
Okay... I see this product all over Pinterest claiming to help with cellulite as well as to be a natural tanning aid... Has anyone used this? Can anyone confirm/deny the hype?? I would like to try it out but probably not unless I can get some positive and real (non-Pinterest) feedback!!
I see this stuff all over Pinterest... It supposed to make laugh lines less noticeable, cellulite disappear and stretchmarks? I need the scoop on this! Does it actually work?
I am using the grow new hair shampoo and treatment. What are you thoughts on just natural products? Have you tried the ones I mentioned? Thank you.
Had anyone tried this and does it really work? Hate to spend the money on another product that doesn't work.