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Is this a sticky formula?
Does this spray irritate your eyes ?
Okay ladies! Setting spray... how do I get a nice coating without spraying off my makeup I have the Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray - Peach(Mini) - 1.1 fl oz (but in mint not peach) and it’s not a fine mist like I expected. Yes I could spray it in the air and walk into it like body fragrance,BUT I miss all kinds of spots and nooks. I’m trying to achieve a long lasting makeup SEAL ladies, ya know!? I need my makeup SEALED lol
Is there a difference in the setting sprays or are they just scented differently? I never tried this product and was wondering which one to try.
HaaS anyone used this as a primer?
Would you consider it long lasting lipsticks?
Without thinking it through I purchased the GC Mistified on a selling website. Seller had good reviews but I'll think next time before buying skin care. As brand new, is there still a tiny bit missing at the top? 😒 Big question: It's coconut plus smells like a flower perfume bomb.ugh. I can barely stand it. I have severely dry skin so I sprayed about 10xs on my face and it didn't feel hydrated at all. Is the overwhelming floral scent normal? Can someone lmk if the smell I described is really how it's supposed to smell. Now that I freaked myself out about it I think I'll toss it out. Live and learn.🤷‍♀️
[product:gerard-cosmetics-slay-all-day-setting-spray-jasmine] is this good does it set make up all day i kind wanting to buy a make up spray so i consiring some option i would love to knoew opinions to buy better?
Whhat is the difference between Mistified and Slay All Day?