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Somebody try this nourishing Lotion[product:everyone-lotion-lavender-&-aloe-6oz] ?
Does this lotion leave the eczema \ dermatitis type sensitive areas deprived of moisture due to water treatment chemicals extra drier and flakey? Desperately seeking the one that will work 100%. My skin is always angry like 2 days later or instantly . Spent anywhere from $250 and below...literally going on yet another $2,000 in lotions and moisturizers that ended up being tossed and charity because returns are not allowed..and worse...my skin suffers and at work, my face is priority to greet our customers. Never had this issue in all my life, water here where I moved is BRUTAL. Please help and advise. Thank you kindly
Can this safely be used on the face[product:everyone-for-every-body-lotion]?
How does this make your hair feel after? Especially when switching from gross name brand shampoo to all natural?
[product:everyonetm-for-every-body-hand-soap] ? I'm ordering this and wondering if it is good for kids? Does it leave your hands sticky?
Where can I find this at and how much does it cost?
I Have the everyone lotion, but is this perhaps too much ?
Hello I live in Turkey and I have social networking sites I would like to send me some products to show them on Facebook and Alastagram and YouTube I would like to deal with you and I would like to try some samples and you will be satisfied certainly?
Is it really good?
[product:eo-everyone-lotion] I love this product and always apply on my body, but I don’t know if it’s really good for face.