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In 1935, Fred Evanger was making pure meat canned foods at his kennels because he felt that his champion Great Danes required superior nutrition in order to to prevent any dietary deficiencies. Today, we continue to innovate with the same enthusiasm as our founder.

In 2002 Evanger's Dog & Cat Food Company developed the concept of hand packed pet food. It was initially developed specifically for their dog, Yukon; a beautiful Samoyed/Chow Chow mix with a very selective palate. Even though the meat was the same, Yukon preferred to eat dinner steaks instead of his ground steak. So they decided to try putting a whole, unground piece of beef in a can and cook it. Of course when they served it to Yukon that evening, he loved it, and their #1 flavor, Hunk of Beef, was born. All of the Evanger’s dog foods must be approved by Yukon before we bring them to market.

Our mission is to increase the quality and enjoyment of life of our companion pets through nutrition. To this day, Evanger’s remains just as committed to quality and innovation as ever, and continues to develop new products that will fit within its philosophy. We have proudly been independently owned for over 75 years, and because of this, continue to sell our products exclusively through independent neighborhood pet shops where quality and customer service are of the utmost importance.

As the only family-owned and operated pet food cannery in the United States, we thank you and appreciate your loyalty to our products.

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