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Copre il 100% dei capelli bianchi? 
What's the best wash out semi-permanant home color for a few greys around the face?
How many of you are natural or dyed blondes who tried this root touchup?? Was it: 1. a brassy finish (too sunny/orange), 2. ashy (green tone), or 3. did it stay cool blonde covering roots Thanks!
Does anyone else feel like the dye washes out every time you wash even when you use cool, not cold, water? I dyed my hair black and find that everytime I wash the dye comes out.
Has anyone had trouble submitting the review. I did my review, I can see the review but the app still shows I need to complete it. So when I go back and try a second time to submit it, it says an error has occurred. Anyone else having this issue?
I used Clairol Complements Semi Permanent Color. It was the best of all the brands I've used. Now I can't find it. Have they stopped making it? If so, what product will give me a similar result?
Tapa bien éste producto temporal?
Is this product any good?
iss this product any good ?
HooW do I fix a review I just do one for the clo[product:clairol-color-gloss-up-semi-permanent-hair-color] and I had not done one before and I know I messed it up I for got to put key very important details in it and I’m upset with my self about I need to correct I want to get it right and now I fear I may have messed up my review and it was my very first one to ever do 😭😭😭?