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I recently had my 3rd baby and need to get a new stroller to work out with. However, my 3 year old is already 40ish pounds. Can he stay in the stroller past the 50lb limit?
Would the double bob fit in the trunk of a Rav4?
Does this double stroller work well when jogging?
What is the best jogging stroller?
[product:bob-revolution-flex-30-jogging-stroller-lunar-black-lunar-black-stroller-bundle] ? I am a single mom to an autistic son. He absolutely loves to go for stroller rides but our graco recently broke and since we've had it for over a year they really didn't want to do much (not the best customer service experience I've had!).. so I'm looking for a new stroller and a different brand (not buying anything Graco, ever again). I'm also a full-time caregiver to my dad who is in end-stage COPD and has congestive heart failure so I don't have much of an income EXCEPT for what I sell through Scentsy (so I really don't have much of anything). I obviously need a new stroller for my son and I'm REALLY trying to get fit.. but is this worth saving up for?? It has a pretty hefty price tag but I need something durable and something that will LAST. Is it worth the price tag and the time that it would take for me to save up for it? How is their customer service? I have been using my toddler MJ Carrier since the stroller broke but my son is 40lbs and I have a herniated disc lol so I really can't carry him too much longer!! Thank you so much in advance!!
Have you ever taken this stroller on a race?
how is this compared to thule urban glide?
Will this fit a baby trend expedition jogging stroller?
Is this similar to Thule stroller? What are the differences