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How long does this last for a aggressive chewer?
Trying to find something safe and helpful with our puppies chewing and digging. How safe are these if they tear it up or pieces bteak off? Shes an outside dog and i def need to find something to distract her when we aren't home during the day or at night, but want it to be healthy and safe for her as well
I have an American bully and I bought the dingo bone for aggressive chewers it took him 1 hour and 30 min to chew that all up ! Usually with just a regular bone it takes 10-15 min I am trying to find. Bone that will last a long time and he will enjoy. The antlers I see a lot of but there is no flavor or anything and I'm not sure how well he will like it and I don't no if it will be waste of money. I am stuck in a rut I DIFF NEED HELO WITH FINDING THE RIGHT BONES FOR HIM TO CHEW AND LAST LONGER PLZ HELP AND SEE IF ANYONE COUKD GUIDE ME IN THE RIGHT WAY !!! THANK YOU AGAIN SO MUCH !!!!
Do your dogs really chew on these? Or would it be a waste of money?i have an American bully and he chews up every bone i have bought. I no that's what dogs do but I need help before I blow 20.00 on a pc of deer antler or anything Similar to it. Thanks again
We have tried bully sticks that claim they are "odor free". Are these really odor free?
Does anyone know where to get these for less? Short of collecting them in the woods :)
Are these better for dogs then rawhide bones?
Where can you buy these? I normally just buy a full antler rack and cut down the points to make my own. This might be easier. My German Shepherds love antlers but once they chew it down too thin I take them away so they don't crack them in half.
Are deer antlers really good for dogs to chew on? I've seen them in a few stores but was ify about buying them
For extremely heavy chewers, how well do these hold up?