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ASUS ROG G750JX-DB71 17.3" Gaming Notebook PC I have always wanted a gaming laptop but I can’t afford it is there cheaper ones?
How many games can I upload until I affect the speed?
My sister is looking for a new laptop and I’ve been out of the purchasing game for awhile; what type of laptop would be good for her? She checks email, surfs the internet, and will occasionally stream movies/tv shows. She doesn’t have any large programs to run and would really only need an internet browser. She also doesn’t need a lot of storage as she has an external storage drive. What gets her just the stuff she need without breaking the bank? She was hoping for under $300. [product:asus-e410ma-laptop]
No eh escuchado mucho de esta marca, me gustaría poder promocionarlo?
It is a good laptop for a grafic disainer?
[product:asus-vivobook-black-laptop-computer] ? How is this mark? I haven't used it.
Asus ZenBook Duo UX481FL ? I was wondering for anyone who bought this laptop from Costco, does it come with a stylus and sleeve? I'm specifically asking for the 16gb ram and 1tb side varient. Also, is the main 14 inch screen touchscreen?
Hello, I'm Paula. I deal with the promotion and review of marketing items that are not widely known. I would love to try this product for free in return I offer a review and post on the social network instagram. If you are interested please reply. nice greetings.
[product:asus-vivobook-15-x512fa] ;The screen display has gone completely black. The laptop itself is turning on, everything is except the screen, has that happened to anyone else? I’ve been trying to mess with it for days and I finally had to call and try and get it replaced today?
I would love to try this laptop for  a honest review of product. Please let me know if you are willing to allow me to  do this for you