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Media uploaded by Jessica B.
Jessica B.
Spring cleaned my bedroom,and got my new vanity together. All my my makeup is now organized #thebigclean
Media uploaded by Rejeanne B.
Rejeanne B.
#nailart #pressonnails so I decided to test out the press on trend. Since we can't go to the nail salon right now. Atleast where I am in LA anyways. I also wouldn't be comfortable going anytime soon to be honest. The ones that I got were only like 6.99! I believe this color is new so it didn't really have any reviews. The brand is called "Y.T.J drag nails" I believe. It said it was salon quality. I've had them on for a little over a week now. They're holding up pretty well. It came in 24 pack. Amazon for the win.
Media uploaded by Melissa F.
Melissa F.
The paintings and prints for sale are my new favorite thing. The pig was 1st now the Van Gogh Cat. They have the funniest huge prints available everywhere. #ItsMyParty #Influenster #Happy10thBirthay #ItsOurParty
Media uploaded by Tracy S.
Tracy S.
Media uploaded by Drea J.
Drea J.
Media uploaded by Miranda N.
Miranda N.
Under the quarantinebconditions, which adventure book would you recommend if I could buy it on Amazon? #TeamEdward
Media uploaded by Brigette B.
Brigette B.
#celesteng #amazon #SummerReads
Media uploaded by Tiffany E E.
Tiffany E E.
#summerreading Laura Clery's book idiot is hilarious and well written. Definitely a good read. #AtHomeSummerKickoff #lauraclery
Media uploaded by Elmira S.
Elmira S.
Media uploaded by Heather S.
Heather S.
Media uploaded by Tiffany E E.
Tiffany E E.
A cute Sci fi romance that's different from the norm. If your looking for something in the Sci fi genre but outside of the box. I think this book might strike your fancy. #summerreads #audible #theaiwholovedme #SummerReads
Media uploaded by Rachel S.
Rachel S.
#bookworm #books #reading #SummerReads
Media uploaded by Fleur R.
Fleur R.
Amazon Prime Purchase “Crazy Lady - Women’s fluffy fur slippers” - £11.59 they are soo soft and comfy. I haven’t taken them off since they arrived. I want to get other colours as they are so cute!
Media uploaded by Elmira S.
Elmira S.
#megaparent #decorator

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