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Sandra D.
Review for Kraft 100% Grated Parmesan Cheese 2-16 oz. Shakers - 4 months, 2 weeks ago
Sorry, I prefer fresh parmesan over this stuff. HUGE difference. In my opinion, this just doesn't do real parmesan justice. It's over processed and really doesn't taste the same. We prefer buying fresh and grating it ourselves.
I wasn't sure if I'd like this one when we got it, but I was actually pleasantly surprised. It has a really nice flavor. It's not too strong either. It's pretty versatile too. Salads, Chicken, fish, etc. We keep a bottle on hand at all times. 😄
Review for ECOTOOLS MASK REMOVER SPONGE 2PK - 4 months, 2 weeks ago
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 5
I LOVE these so much. They make mask removal so much easier and waaaay less messy. I really have no idea how I lived without these before! They remind me of dish sponges but are actually pretty gentle on my face. I like the extra gentle exfoliation too. They cut mask removal time in half. These sponges also last a long time. I apply a mud mask 2-3 times a week and I usually toss the Sponge after two months. I mean, if I wanted to, I could probably continue to use it for a couple more months! But I don't. I highly recommend these if you want to remove your messy mud masks quicker! They're also extremely inexpensive.
Review for Friskies Tasty Treasures With Chicken & Cheese in Gravy - 5.5 oz - 5 months, 2 weeks ago
Pet Lover Expert Level 4
I'll be honest with you, I don't know if this stuff is even all that healthy for my cats, but they're CRAZY about it. So I buy it. They're mostly on a dry food diet. I keep their favorite dry foods available to them all day, but I give them a spoon of this stuff once in the morning and again in the evening as kind of a treat. They start begging for it around the same time every day like they're starving (even though they eat plenty of the dry food throughout the day & night) Neither of my cats are overweight. The female is just under 10 lbs and the male is sitting steady at 12. This stuff looks gross, but since my cats won't touch pate (I've tried so many different kinds) I switched to this one and a few other flavors in this line. It has little meat chunks with bits of cheese and they gobble it right up. My male cat loves it so much, he'll hurry and eat his, then try to take the female cat's portion (in a non aggressive way, no hissing biting or smacking, just pushing his head into her bowl) So I separate them to be sure she gets to eat hers. I noticed a packaging change recently and so I checked to see if the contents had changed. Yep. According to the labels, the Crude Protein went from a min 11% to 10%, so keep this in mind when buying the "new" cans. (*Note* the term “crude protein” does not reflect on the quality of protein in pet food. “Crude protein” is actually a measurement of nitrogen, which is a roundabout way to assess the presence of protein in pet food.) They also changed some of the wording. "Corn Starch" to "Vegetable Starch", "Soybean Oil" to "Vegetable Oil" and so on. I suppose it's to make the product seem more appealing to buyers. They also add coloring! Like why would a cat even care about what color their food is!? But alas, my cats love it, though obviously they could improve the ingredients to make it healthier. If I were rating just based on how my cats feel about it, then yeah 5/5 stars. But because the ingredients could be improved.. I'm giving it 3/5
Review for e.l.f. High Definition Powder - 5 months, 2 weeks ago
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 5
Review for: Sheer more...
I purchased this in Sheer and love how beautifully it dusts across the skin. If you like the matte look, but don't want to pay a small fortune for higher end powders, then this one is totally for you. You also get a good amount of the product. I love that the sifter in the container doesn't let a huge amount escape. I hate powder messes! It also comes with a little puff which is nice if you use puffs. Some higher priced powders don't even come with one. So it's a great value for the money. It's also a nice dupe for the Makeup Forever HD powder, both are super fine and give very similar results. It keeps shine away for most of the day and gives you a nice smooth flawless look. I have fair skin, and this powder does really well for me. It's translucent, so I never notice it changing the look of my makeup. My only complaint is because of the shape of the container, the lid is sometimes awkward to remove. Still, I highly recommend it!
Review for Kat Von D Lock-it Setting Powder - 5 months, 2 weeks ago
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 5
Review for: Kat Von D Lock-It Setting Powder 0.67 oz more...
I received the Kat Von D Lock-It Setting Powder in Translucent for free in a VoxBox last year. If you love a matte look to your skin and makeup, then this is definitely the setting powder for you. Personally, I prefer a more dewy look, but I do sport the matte from time to time. I have dry/combination skin and this powder didn't cause any irritation or dryness except for around my under eye area. There was a bit of dryness there. It does dust across the skin nicely in other areas though, for a beautiful pore diffusing effect. I have fair skin and the powder didn't leave any weird pigment on my face. Which is a huge plus. The jar comes with A LOT of product. My biggest complaint though is that the jar is kind of messy. There's almost always a big pile of loose powder sitting on top when I open the lid and it likes to go EVERYWHERE. :D Not fun when it lands on the clothes you plan to wear out for the night.
Review for Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray, 8 Ounce - 5 months, 2 weeks ago
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 5
I loooove the way this stuff smells. I own a lot of Not Your Mother's products and they all leave my hair smelling great. I usually spritz this in my hair when I want that messy beach wave look. I towel dry my hair and comb it with a wide tooth comb before flipping my head over and scrunching the product into my hair. If you use too much your hair will feel crunchy, so I suggest using just a few spritzs at a time and then a very light mist of hairspray. It holds nicely for a few hours before needing a touch up. I have thin, fine hair and this product doesn't weigh it down which is a huge plus.
Review for Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off - 5 months, 2 weeks ago
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 5
I just recently received a sample of this and couldn't wait to try it. The sample I received smelled like lemon, which surprised me. But since I love the scent of lemon, I instantly fell in love with this mask. I don't think it smells like a cleaner, like some have said. More like freshly cut lemons, a lot of them. 😂 🍋🍋🍋 The mask spreads on easily and exfoliates beautifully. But be careful if you have sensitive skin. Use it very gently or, mix with a tiny bit of warm water to slightly melt the sugar before applying to your face. You don't want to completely melt the sugar crystals before applying it, so don't use really hot water. I let it sit on my skin for 15 minutes and then removed it with my ECOTOOLS MASK REMOVER SPONGES 3PK which makes the process so much quicker. Afterwards, my skin felt smooth and fresh. The lemon scent didn't remain. So if you're not a fan of lemons, you don't have to worry about being stuck with the smell after. My skin did feel just ever so slightly tight after, but I was applying a serum and moisturizer anyway, so no big deal. I highly recommend this mask if you want a good natural exfoliator
Review for GT's Raw Organic Kombucha Trilogy - 5 months, 2 weeks ago
Foodie Expert Level 3
Trilogy is by far my number 1 favorite flavor of the GT's Kombucha line. It's tart and sweet, but not too overpowering (for a seasoned Kombucha drinker) If you're new to Kombucha then just about any flavor would probably seem weird to you. Especially if you don't like drinks that smell/taste similar to vinegar and burn going down. The carbonation is really nice, but DO NOT SHAKE GT's Kombucha bottles. You risk the bottle exploding :D.  I drink kombucha daily, but when I can't find the bottle on sale, I'll split one bottle up 2-3 days. I drink it for the probiotics and found that this method works best for me while allowing me to save some money. When I find them on sale, I usually stock up and keep them in the fridge. Leaving them out on the counter makes them taste too strong for my liking. (I know some prefer them that way) I definitely recommend the GT's Kombucha brand if you want a kombucha that's pure and safe to drink.
Review for GT's Raw Organic Kombucha Gingerberry - 5 months, 2 weeks ago
Foodie Expert Level 3
Gingerberry is probably my second favorite flavor from GT's Kombucha line. I keep kombucha around for the probiotic benefits. It's the only thing I've found to work for correcting digestive issues like chronic constipation and painful bloat.  I don't really notice an increase in energy levels like some have claimed, but since it gives me relief from digestive issues I've dealt with since age 12, I don't really care. If you love ginger, then this is the flavor for you. It's carbonated and refreshing. But if you're new to Kombucha, just a warning.. it may smell strongly of vinegar and burn going down. The benefits are so worth it though.
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