Your Skin’s Best Bud Is One of These CBD-Infused Products

Mika R.
ByMika R.

It’s no secret that CBD has been a buzz-worthy ingredient in head-to-toe beauty products for some time now. Just in case you’re not familiar with CBD, it’s famous for its soothing and relaxing properties when applied topically to the skin, which is only one of the ways you can find CBD formulated. Contrary to some confusion, CBD and THC are not the same and derived from different parts of the marijuana plant. In beauty, CBD has been a go-to to soothe everything from achy muscles to dry, chapped lips.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect product to add to your post workout routine or wish to rev up your everyday skincare routine, CBD is an essential ingredient that should be on your radar. Without further ado, here are some of our favorite CBD products that you may want to add to your lineup.  

ELF Cosmetic Puff Puff Primer, $8

Great makeup application starts with a smooth base, and you can’t get any smoother than prepping your face with this ultra-creamy CBD infused primer. In addition to the CBD benefits in the formula, you’ll love how selfie-ready your skin looks once your makeup is complete. You may even want to wear it alone without any makeup.

Kopari CBD Recovery Balm, $45

If you’re finding ways to get active at home, you may experience muscle soreness every now and again. This CBD balm is great post-workout but also works wonders for extra dry spots or irritated skin. The combination of CBD powder and Coconut oil makes for a skin-loving formula that you can’t resist.

Saint Jane Beauty Bright Repair CBD Eye Cream, $65

Sometimes no matter how much “beauty sleep” you’ve gotten, you just don’t look bright-eyed once it’s time to jump on your zoom calls. This eye cream visibility brightens thanks to vitamin c, collagen, and CBD to target dark circles and fine lines.

Kayaire Rejuvenation Exfoliating Solution, $18

Exfoliation is key to keeping your skin healthy. What better way to exfoliate than with this toner that features the skin-nourishing benefits that CBD has to offer.

Milk Makeup CBD Solid Body Oil, $50

Comfortable and quick-absorbing are the best ways to describe this solid oil stick. Give your skin the ultimate glow from the neck and below with this unique blend of oils plus—you guessed it—CBD!

Kosas Kosasport LipFuel Extra-Strength Hyaluronic Lip Balm with Flor + Bast, $18

Lips need love too, which is a perfect excuse to try this ultra calming and hydrating lip balm. Consider this gel-like balm a protective barrier between your delicate lips and the harsh environment. 

Bawdy Beauty CBD Butt Balm, $40

We know what you’re thinking.” A balm made for your butt?”. It’s not as crazy as you think, especially if you’ve been hitting the squats pretty hard during your quarantine workouts. This balm is calming, firming, and moisturizing. If your glutes don’t need any special attention ata the moment, this balm could be used anywhere on the body as you see fit. 

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