Mocktails and Sober Bar Carts: Your Survival Guide to Dry January

Dry January doesn't have to be so dry

Minka M.
ByMinka M.

There’s no better treat than waking up in the morning feeling full of life and ready to take on the world. That’s just one of many benefits that come along with dry January. The month-long sobriety challenge is easier said than done, however, with our social lives and tough workdays constantly lurking. This year, we’re adding an exciting twist to dry January with a speakeasy-like sober bar and sophisticated mocktails—grab a friend and raise your glass to dry January, you got this!

Eliminate Temptation

Getting rid of your booze—yes, even the half-full and unopened bottles—is a key first step to getting through dry January. Get rid of temptation by pouring all your booze down the drain, hiding it in a spot that’s out of sight, or the trickiest option, letting a friend babysit it for the month (must be ok with getting only half your booze back). We know that just because you don’t see it you won’t forget about booze, but you’re less likely to go out and procure a bottle, especially in the cold. Out of sight, out of mind!

Build a Sober Bar

Now that the temptation is gone, your liquor cabinet might be looking a little lonely. Cater to your sober-curious month by stocking up your bar cart and fridge with sophisticated zero-proof drinks and spirits. We’re not just talking about basic ginger beer or tonic water, but actual gin, vodka and tequila alternatives that are 100% virgin and are aesthetically pleasing to give your place a speakeasy-vibe.

Quench Your Thirst with a Mocktail

Once your sober bar is set up with non-alcoholic spirits you never even knew existed, all that’s left to do is make yourself a drink—a mocktail, that is. Gone are the days when bartenders catered only to those who drink alcohol. Mixologist everywhere are finally paying attention to zero-proofers and expanding their drink menus to include some hella creative concoctions. If you’re more of a simple guy or gal, use your new ingredients to make a virgin-version of the classic cocktail of your choice. (link to mocktail article once live

Team Up with A Friend

If drinking can be a social thing, so can not drinking. Recruit your BFF or partner to join you on your boozeless journey and explore the many sober activities that don’t involve alcohol. Having a support system to hold you accountable and motivate you will give you the extra boost when you feel like you might slip up. Beside, you’ll need someone to help you get through your new sober bar and mocktail recipes. 

Focus on What You’re Gaining Instead of Losing

Anyone who thinks dry January is joke is a you know what. Going sober, even just for a month, has benefits that vary from financials to physical health, and these are the things we should focus on. Say bye-bye to hangovers and enjoy productive mornings and weekends; save tons of money by not going out as much and overpaying for cocktails at dinners and bars; improve your sleep schedule and sleep soundly without waking up in the middle of the night from dehydration; no more nights spent sleeping by your toilet bowl. Oh, and how can we forget, better skin, too. The list of positives is endless!

Slipping Up Doesn’t Mean Giving Up

So you had a bad day and poured yourself a glass—so? Slipping up is entirely normal when trying to accomplish a goal, after all, you’re trying to rewire habits and fight against a chemical response that your body is used to. What’s important after you slip up is how you choose to move forward. Accept the choice you’ve made and continue full force to complete your challenge. You got this!



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