Young Entrepreneur Corey Paige Shows Us That You Can Start a Company At Any Age

Even from your dorm room 

Kortney K.
ByKortney K.

Inspired by the lackluster walls of her Tulane University dorm room, Corey Paige created Corey Paige Designs - a resource for fun artwork and unique masks. We talked to her about what motivated her to start a business at such a young age and why giving back to the community is so important: 

I know you started your company from your dorm room (props), how did you get your business off the ground? 

When I first started drawing pictures for friends to hang up on their dorm room walls, I never envisioned turning my hobby into a business.  During my sophomore year at Tulane University, I posted one of my unique designs on Instagram and received a tremendous amount of positive feedback and began taking personalized design requests. I put my designs online, where they could be printed on a variety of products from apparel and accessories, to home decor. The summer before my junior year, I made an Instagram account to share my artwork. As my popularity on social media grew, I started to receive calls from retail stores across the country to carry my products. I even received messages from other brands who wanted to partner with me for art licensing deals. It was this buzz and excitement over my designs that encouraged me to turn my hobby into a business. Corey Paige Designs was born. 


What advice do you have for other young women who want to turn their hobby into a career?


You’ve got to put yourself and your work out there for others to see. Showcase your brand on all social media platforms - Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Tiktok. The power of social media can allow you to reach different customers and you never know who can discover your work. Post content that engages, educates, and excites your followers. Share behind the scenes, progress videos, and connect with others online to build a community and support system. Strive to build up your brand.


Where do you manufacture your products?

I work with a variety of manufacturers in North America to offer the highest quality products to my customers.


I see you participate in charity work for hospitals on both Long Island and NYC – tell us a bit more about that.

As my company started to gain a following, I saw this as an opportunity to use my platform as a way to not only give back to the community, but make an impact on the causes that are close to my heart. At the start of the pandemic, I started manufacturing face masks with my designs and they became a best-selling product. I chose to donate a portion of the proceeds to supply meals to local hospitals. By doing this, I was also able to support local restaurants. It was important to me to help out in any way I could. This continues to be at the core of my business. With any initiative I think about how I can give back to the community.

What’s your advice for the perfect gallery wall?


The “perfect” gallery means something different to everyone, but for me it means a mix and match vibe. If you check out my work, you’ll see that I love vibrant colors and a pop-art feel. I believe the wall is even more eye-catching when you have different sized and colored frames. Don’t worry about matching all of the art perfectly; it can still come together and look awesome.

We're loving this Painted Lips framed print! 


Have to ask because we’re ALL about beauty at Influenster…what’s your favorite current skincare or makeup product?


I’ve been pretty basic when it comes to skincare this past year, keeping it clean, especially since I’m not physically going many places. I have been loving the Cerave AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion with Sunscreen and the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara for my perfect zoom glow.

Check out Corey on Instagram at @coreypaige_designs!

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