You Chose Card 3: Three of Earth, Here's Your First Tarot Reading for 2021

You chose card 3. 

Caitlin U.
ByCaitlin U.

You looked and felt, "Card 3 is for me." Here's your reading this week: 


Three of Earth


What do you really want from life? Like REALLY want? What are your deepest desires that you haven’t shared with anyone for a fear of them saying it’s silly? I want you to concentrate on those. Connect and get in touch with the “impossible”. These feelings and desires are meant to be your roadmap for life. Your true essence and they are there for a reason. Don’t dismiss or suppress them any longer. Go forward with this side of you and open it up for the world to see. This is your way to help people and to be an example that if you follow your path, that others can too and that is a very beautiful thing.



Your Action


Get clear on what you want. The ideas may have been swirling in your head and need to get down on paper or your tablet. Take some time to sit down and write out the life your truly desire in a story form and in present tense, like it has actually happened already. As you read your story, feel happiness and any emotions that go with it. This is how the universal energy will respond and bring it to fruition. Then take a few necessary steps to make this story your reality. 



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