Winky Lux Launches Skincare Just in Time For Dry Skin Season

And it's a good one!

ByCaitlin M.

Dry skin is something that plagues nearly all of us. And since we're in the depths of winter, it's bound to pop up sooner rather than later. But you now have another product to arm yourself with in the battle to defeat dehydrated skin. And it just happens that it comes from a very unlikely source!

You might know Winky Lux as the Insta-famous brand behind those pill-shaped lipsticks and flower-infused balms, but after their newest launch, you might know them as your dry skin savior. The new Dream Gelee is a gel-based moisturizer that actually packs a one-two punch.

First, the jelly formula acts as a mega-hydrator for AM moisture. We've had the chance to test this out ourselves, and we love it for a little pre-makeup hydration as it leaves a smooth, flake-free canvas for makeup! But it doesn't just act as a great sleeping mask at night too!



As far as ingredients go, it's jam-packed with some pretty big standouts. First, there's hydrophilic glycerine for mega hydration. But it also includes aloe for added soothing power and copper for that punch of skin healing technology. And because it contains caffeine, you can count on a bit of invigoration and de-puffing. Lastly, good old salicylic acid helps with breakouts and clogged pores.

And because the new Dream Gelee is a Winky Lux launch, you know it's gluten free, paraben free, and cruelty free. You can shop the new gel right now for $29 at

What moisturizer do you love most in winter? Share your top choice below!

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