Pick a Card: See What's In Store For You The Week of October 12th

Pick card 1,2 or 3

Caitlin U.
ByCaitlin U.

We think that tarot card readings can offer a little insight and direction into our hectic, busy lives. Not to mention they offer a chance to reflect and focus on ourselves, even if just for a few moments. That's why we teamed up with Jackie Ortez, Reiki and spiritual counselor, to offer our Influensters a weekly reading. Remember that this is an opportunity to use that gut feeling. Simply look at the cards and pick whichever one you are first drawn to, don't overthink it. 

Made your choice? Find out what message your Tarot Card Reading reveals for you this week: 


Have there been thoughts or words of wisdom coming out of nowhere lately?  It’s like you have the answers to deep questions and those answers are just flowing out of your mouth effortlessly. Well, you have been channeling, you beautiful being you! Your third eye is so open and downloads are coming in with no effort at all. Don’t question the answers that come into your mind in an instant; that’s your higher self speaking. You don’t have to know where it’s coming from, just give thanks to the universe! The possibilities are endless.



Your Action: Meditate. Sit down and put on some calm music or search for a meditation online. Awaken your senses with a nice smelling essential oil roller or diffuser. Open your mind and let your thoughts flow. In this state you will receive additional messages that you need to hear. You can even ask yourself a question and listen to your inner self to gain more insight.  




There is a strength in your soul that you may need to call upon right now. Something is challenging you and it could be for a while. It feels like it’s an internal struggle that has you feeling a strong push and pull effect. This has been around for a long time and it’s the right moment to work on it. Call upon that inner warrior that has helped you in situations like this before. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or an ear to bend either. Being vulnerable is an act of bravery.



Your Action: Call a friend or two and have a girl’s night in, you can even virtually get together. Put on some face masks, watch a good movie, order in and talk for hours. There is nothing like being around those who make you feel loved.



Creation, creation, creation. There is so much creativity around you! Whether projects that are just in thought or ones that have been started already, this is the perfect time to use that fun, creative side.  Use your hands to make some magic in whatever artistic way resonates with you.  Some people love art while others bake or DIY a project in their home. Doesn’t matter what it is, just start it already! Only good things will come from this.



Your Action: Make a list of what you want to create, whether that be a DIY face mask, a cool nail art design or a cake, and shop for the supplies. Go on DIY sites if you can’t figure out what to do quite yet. Start small with something and build yourself up!



Which card did you pick? Did your reading resonate? Looking for more cosmic insights? Follow @healingguidancejackie for a daily dose of zen. And check back next week for another reading!