What's in Our Videographer's Bag?

What's in Our Videographer's Bag?

Curious to know the man behind the camera from our YouTube videos? Meet Zack Handler–our 20-something technology guru and low-key Pablo Picasso. When he's not busy crafting pre-production sketches and our awesome Influenster videos, he's lugging some major top-notch products around. We got the full scoop on the HQ camera he swears by and a nostalgic product you forgot existed. 

Sakura 30062 .5 Micron Ink Pen, $11.19 at Jet.com

Micron Pens

"This is my go-to pen for doodling when I'm not supposed to. Perfect for long classes, work events, or just hanging out. This pen moves so cleanly across a page and makes drawing or writing fun."

Gameboy Color, $46.99 at Amazon.com

Gameboy Color

"I found this recently from when I was 11 and keep it on me at all times. There's nothing more gratifying than playing Super Mario when your brain is done for the day. I also appreciate its whimsical, verdant flair."

Sony A7s, $1,398 at Amazon.com

Sony camera

"I love this camera. It has a full frame mirror-less sensor and deals so well with low-light situations. It's great for doc work, but I've used it for short films too."

Organic Root Stimulator ORS Olive Oil , $6.68 at Amazon.com

organic root stimulator

"This product is great for giving your hair some shape without leaving wet guck visible. I don't use it every day, but it's great for getting rid of bed head when you're in a rush."

Old Spice deodorant, $2.79 at Drugstore.com


"I've always used this. It's pleasant but unostentatious scent lasts a while."

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