What’s a Luminizer, and How Do I Use It?

What’s a Luminizer, and How Do I Use It?

Luminizers, otherwise known as highlighters, are a huge staple in make up artists’ beauty bags, but they’re often looked over when it comes to everyday beauty routines -- which is unfortunate, because they can be one of the greatest multitaskers in your beauty arsenal! They're a subtle, shimmery product found in a multitude of forms -- powder, gel, cream, and liquid -- and work to highlight and accentuate the areas of your face that are naturally hit by light. 

If you’re afraid of too much sparkle, don’t worry: a good luminizer only gives you a subtle, wearable sheen or shimmer (rather than, say, dousing your cheeks in glitter). But in order to take full advantage of your luminizer, you’ll want to get a good grasp on where to apply it on your face for a fresh, dewy glow. To help you get started, here’s a brief guide to where the luminizer should go:



Using your fingertips, dab the luminizer in a v-shape from your browbone to the highest point of your cheekbones. If it’s a liquid luminizer, use the product sparingly -- you’ll only need 3-4 small dots of product along your cheekbones to achieve a subtle glow. (Follow up with your favorite bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks for a little bit of cheekbone-contouring!)




To draw attention to the angles of your face (and even visually slim down some of your features), dab a little luminizer down the center of your nose. 



Whether you’ve got a natural eye look or full-on smokey eye, you can always benefit from a small dab of luminizer in the inner corners of your eyes and along your browbone to wake up your makeup look. 



A tiny dab of luminizer on your cupid’s bow (the small space at the center of your upper lip) draws attention to your lips. 



If you’re looking for an shimmery boost to your look, put a small (not too much!) bit of luminizer into your foundation or moisturizer before you apply it to your face for a subtle overall glow. 



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Once you’ve mastered luminizer for your face, it doesn’t have to stop there! Luminizer is a great way to highlight the high points of your collarbones, shoulders, arms, and legs if you’re showing a bit of skin. 


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