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What We Learned From a Month of Wearing Lipstick

What We Learned From a Month of Wearing Lipstick

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If you've been following along with our Lipstick Challenge, you've probably seen Content Director, Bethany Cantor, and I trying on a new lipstick each and every day throughout the month of October.

In an attempt to learn to love lipstick—and to par down our respective beauty stashes to only our faves—Bethany and I decided to undergo a lipstick challenge to see which products we truly love. Along the way, we learned a few things about lipstick, staying dedicated, and let's be real, about ourselves. Yeah, that's right. Lipstick is pretty deep, y'all.

What Bethany learned

1. Matte liquid lipsticks are not for me. 
Despite being the darlings of the beauty blogging world, matte lippies are so not my jam. I tried several this month and while some formulas were better than others, I just couldn’t get used to the dryness, the weight, and the staining that comes with these lipsticks. I did put two matte products in my favorites, but I’d only wear them on very specific occasions.

2. I (Kind Of) Understand Why People Love Lipstick Now
I went into this challenge admitting I did not understand the allure of lipstick—I’m an eye makeup girl—but I’ve changed my tune a little. I appreciate how alive a lipstick can make you look and after a full month of wearing tons of shades, I feel a little strange with naked lips. That said, I still see lipstick as a high-maintenance product. I just don’t have it in me to reapply all day. I remain an eye makeup girl, but I will be making space for more lipstick in my future.

3. I Know What Works for Me
I was shocked at how well I managed to choose shades that flattered my skin tone. There were only a few that simply didn’t work for my complexion. My spot-on shade matching is most likely due to the fact that I have neutral undertones so there are only a handful of colors that clash on me, but, I also like to think my years in the beauty world have honed my eye.

What Caitlin learned:

1. I'm Bolder Than I Thought
At least when it comes to colors. I thought I was more of a nude or neutral type of girl, and so that's what I chose for the majority of my lipstick options. But honestly, I hated nearly all of them! I realized my bread and butter was really a deep and dark lipstick. And although I might have been hesitant at first to try the darker shades, I ended up loving them and wearing them much longer than the ho-hum nudes. Looks like my wild side took center stage this month.

2. Lipstick Takes Dedication
I have a newfound respect for regular lipstick wearers. Not only is it a true task to find your perfect shade, but it's equally hard to find an agreeable formula that can meet your daily needs. (I'm a beauty editor but to be honest, I thought lipstick was lipstick. Boy, was I wrong!) And on top of that, it takes real work to perfectly line, apply, and reapply your lips. I bow down to anyone who rocks a lip color each day.

3. Lipstick Is Really Exciting
OK, I know what you're thinking: duh. But hear me out. Before, lipstick was just something I felt like I had to wear it to fancy events or interviews. But in reality, it doesn't have to be a chore. It's really fun to play with colors and looks. Each day I got excited to figure out what I was wearing. And my coworkers took note as well! I got a lot of comments on my lips each and every day. I can't say I'm going to wear lipstick every day, but I'm definitely finding myself more likely to reach for a fun color on a random Wednesday!

—Caitlin Miller, Site Editor


Shop our favorite shades—Bethany

1. MAC Liptensity in Smoked Almond  

mac liptensity in smoked almond

It doesn’t get much better than this. This formula is moisturizing, has big pigment payoff, has long-lasting color, and cool packaging. That all adds up to a pretty perfect lippie.

2. Wander Beauty Lipstick in BTS

wander beauty lipstick duo in bts

This was just such a unique color. That’s what won it a top spot for me. It’s almost a lilac mauve and I don’t own anything else like it. Plus, the dual-ended packaging is genius.

3. Burt’s Bees Lip Crayon in Napa Vineyard

burt's bees lip crayon

This will probably always be a go-to for me. It’s so easy to apply and it’s ultra affordable. You also get long-lasting, powerful color.

4. NYX Soft Matte in Stockholm 

nyx soft matte

The cushiony feel of this formula made it a top pick for me. That, plus this is such a gorgeous peachy-nude shade.

5. Milani Amore Matte in Darling

milani amore matte

Another color winner—Darling is just utterly gorgeous. It’s the perfect dusty rose pink and this stuff does. not. budge. That said, given my issues with matte lipsticks I'll probably need to look up tips on wearing matte without drying out your lips. Tips welcome!


My Favorites—Caitlin

1. MAC x Selena Lipstick Collection in Dreaming of You

mac selena dreaming of you

I was so shocked at how much I loved this color. It was spicy and unexpected and completely beautiful on my skin tone. New favorite for sure.

2. Clé de Peau Beauté Radiant Liquid Rouge in 18

cle de peau beaute radiant liquid rouge

I did not expect to love a classic red, but the liquid shine of this just can't be beat.

3. Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick in Deep Plumb

neutrogena moisturesmooth color stick

I've had this for a while and it's still a favorite. It's moisturizing and hydrating without skimping on color.

4. BITE Amuse Bouche in Black Truffle

bite amuse bouche black truffle

OK, so clearly I won't be wearing this every day, but I was totally digging it! The Amuse Bouche formula is nourishing for lips and this Black Truffle color is ridiculously cool.

5. Kosas Weightless Lipcolor in Royal

kosas weightless lipcolor in royal

I'm obsessed with this little indie brand! Kosas has a fantastic formula—creamy, lasting, good for your lips—and really wearable everyday colors. Win, win.

Which lipstick colors do you love? Let us know your picks!

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